Saint Elias Media operates by will of God, guided by His Holy Spirit, under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and through the intercession of the Holy Saints and Angels.

We are:

  • A Lay Catholic Apostolate 
  • Privately owned, operated, and funded.
  • In full communion with the Holy See and Pope in Rome.

We believe:

  • Jesus Christ established only one church which is the Holy Catholic Church.
  • The Pope in Rome is the vicar of Christ and successor to Saint Peter the Apostle. 
  • Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition must be equally accepted as authoritative and honored with devotion and reverence.

Our Mission:

  • Expose and crush evil and heresy in all its forms wherever discovered
  • Promote, preserve, and defend Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture along with traditional morality, and traditional piety.
  • Draw upon prayer, catechesis, apologetics, and evangelization to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.
  • Lead all souls to the Lord Jesus Christ who brings salvation to the world. 
  • Strengthen and affirm the faith of Catholics. 
  • Bring non-Catholics into full communion with the Catholic Church. 

Our Commitment:

  • Coverage and commentary will strive to be authentically and orthodoxly Catholic.
  • Information will be filtered through the lenses of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.