Exorcist Diary #243: Demons Divide Families — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[The Fool with Two Demons (detail), illuminations in Ingeborg Psalter, after 1205]

“N” has a long history of doing hard drugs. No wonder: her mother, a witch, admitted to putting cocaine in her baby formula. Plus, N is tormented by demons. No wonder: her mother also consecrated her to Satan at birth.

Her mother died young from a drug overdose. Her adoptive parents, fervent Catholics, have been courageous in helping N recover from both drugs and demons. She has been clean from drugs for over a year and they have accompanied her to many months of exorcism sessions. She has made great progress and the demons’ hold on her is almost gone.

The demons are enraged. They especially hate her relationship with her adoptive parents. This relationship has been the key to her recovery and breaking her demonic connection. So, the demons are doing everything they can to destroy this family.

One of their primary tactics has been to breakdown the trust between N and her new parents. While N denies using drugs anymore, the parents are daily receiving demonic texts (sometimes info’ing the daughter) saying that she is. Such as:

“She was doing cocaine on that back table by the curtains.”

“She’s mine now. If you had a dad who [cared] about you, you wouldn’t be

drugging yourself the way you are now.”

“Just find a needle and a spoon my dear and the pain will end.”

“It’s amazing isn’t it? All that powder she put up her nose? And she ain’t dead


The parents and the daughter daily receive such nasty emails and worse, insinuating she is using or about to use, and tempting N to relapse.

In understanding how demons work, a basic principle is Demonic Inversion.* Demons invert the truth. They try to pass off their lies as truth and they try to make people believe the truth is really a lie. Similarly, they present evil as being good and try to make people believe what is good is really evil. We increasingly see this throughout our society.

In N’s case, the demons are desperate to separate the adoptive parents from N and they sow their demonic lies daily. In the beginning, the parents were duped by these lies and they believed N was really relapsing into drug use. This created discord and threatened the bond of trust between N and her parents. Now, they realize the truth and they are united with their daughter against these demonic tactics. And if she does relapse, they are quick to forgive and assist her in getting back on the road to recovery.

I suspect we underestimate how often Satan sows similar lies among family members today, and in the Church as well, attempting to destroy its harmony and unity. The Holy Spirit is the bond of unity in the Church and in our families. May the Holy Spirit come and make us one in love.


*See Fr. Chad Ripperger, Dominion, pp. 110-111.

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