Exorcist Diary #247: Demons Blocking Mass Attendance — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[“Holy Sacrifice of the Mass”, etsy]

I have been working with someone who is afflicted with a strong demonic presence. We not only encourage him to say deliverance prayers daily, but also to attend Sunday Mass. This is critical. There is consistently nothing more powerful and nothing more hated by the demons than attending Mass and receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus.

The demons’ abhorrence of the Eucharist is a witness to its spiritual efficacy, and ultimately to the teaching of the real presence of Christ. Whenever I even say the name “Jesus,” the possessed man says the demons are “seriously angry” and “it is really very painful.” But the Eucharist is something on a completely higher spiritual plane. The demons do everything they can to keep the possessed away.

Week after week, I have encouraged him to attend Mass but he has not been able. I asked him why and he said, “My mind is ready and I want to go but I can’t. It’s like I have no control over my body and I can’t walk out the door. It is as though something big were blocking me.” It is not hard to guess what the “something big” was.

So, I told him: “Next Sunday, as you get ready to go to Mass, I will call you and say a binding prayer. We will bind the demons that are blocking your Mass attendance.” So, I bound the demons right before he left to go to Mass. After successfully attending, he texted: “It was amazing to see the chains and ropes around them [the demons]… I could see that they were bound and it was safe to go in.”

When someone is severely afflicted with demons, their blocking Mass attendance is obvious and expected. But I wonder how many people, who are not possessed or oppressed, are similarly hindered from attending Mass because of an unsuspected demonic interference. It may be more common than we realize.

Might it behoove every Pastor to say a binding prayer every weekend to bind any demons that are hindering his parishioners’ Mass attendance? Might it not behoove parents to say a binding prayer to assist their children to attend Mass? While we cannot blame demons for our bad choices, we should not quickly dismiss any suggestion that the presence of demons can be a real negative influence. I offer this prayer as one example:

A Binding Prayer for Demons Impeding Mass Attendance

In the Holy Name of Jesus, I ask Jesus, through the intercession of Mary his Mother and the Powers of Heaven, that any demons that are keeping [N.] from attending Mass this weekend be bound. I pray that God might render them impotent, paralyzed and ineffective. May they have no influence on [N.]; may they not prevent [N.] from attending Mass this Sunday or any day. May the Holy Spirit empower the angels to escort [N.] to the Church and to protect [N.] to the praise and glory of God the Father in his Son Jesus Christ. Amen.


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