Exorcist Diary #288: The Dark World Cannot Heal — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[“Christ healing the lame at the pool of Bethesda,” Pieter van Link, 1619-1690]

Suffering people can become desperate to find healing and some will turn to just about any source that promises relief. In recent times, people have told me that they sought out “healing” witches, shamans, spiritualists, curanderos and other occult healers. A few have paid quite a bit of money to be “liberated”. Some may experience a temporary relief of symptoms but the problems then return worse than ever. A recent case in point from a man’s feedback after an online deliverance session:*

This session was particularly powerful. Especially the new prayers you’ve added- the ingestion of cursed objects. I consumed the Amazonian psychedelic brew, Ayahuasca, administered by a shaman in a pagan ceremony. I was looking for healing. This was before I turned back to Christ and his Church. I went to hell under the influence of this pagan drug. It was horrific. A place without God, life or humanity. I prayed and came back to Jesus. I had been experiencing entities strangling me in my sleep. Having constant fear and weight loss, inability to sleep more than 4 hours for 2 years. No doctor could help. I was being demonically oppressed. After confession and doing a formal renouncement of the occult with a priest, it all stopped, praise God! I still experience heaviness in life, but the more I lead a Catholic life, doing confessions, receiving the Eucharist, adoration, Mass, these sessions, praying – the better I feel. Thanks to all of you at SMC for your healing ministry. I feel more healing from this session than any other so far! God Bless You!!

Satan cannot truly heal you. No one who practices witchcraft, the occult and/or invokes pagan “gods” can heal you. Invoking the powers of the dark world can only make you sicker.

Jesus alone is Lord and He truly heals. Turn to Him and trust. God may or may not give you the healing grace you want. Trust that God’s plan is for the best. Be assured, God will give you the graces you need to endure your sufferings in this life. And He will welcome you into the next.


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