Exorcist Diary #289: The Great Weapon Against Satan — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[“Delivery of the Keys,” Pietro Perugino, 1481-1482]

As I was beginning the formal Rite of Exorcism, I prayed in a firm voice: “I invoke the full authority of the Keys of St. Peter and I command the demons to leave!” The reaction was immediate and intense. Clearly, the demons recognized the Church’s authority and were reeling at the mention of it.

Some come to an exorcism expecting the priest to read arcane, mysterious prayers that have a kind of magical power to them. And if you read the Rite of Exorcism with those magical expectations, you will likely be disappointed.

The Rite is simply a series of prayers, albeit of ancient origin refined and tested over hundreds of years, which are full of Scriptural references, invoking the power of God in Jesus to cast out the demons.

For example, the imperative prayer in the new Rite includes the following:

I command you, Satan, prince of this world: acknowledge the power and

strength of Jesus Christ, who defeated you in the desert, overcame you in the

garden, despoiled you on the Cross, and, rising from the tomb, transferred your

spoils into the kingdom of light.

The Scriptural references in the above passage are obvious. Experience in exorcisms shows that Satan has a particular abhorrence in recognizing how Christ overcame him. He does not like to be reminded of his defeat!

There is no great mystery to the prayers in the Rite of Exorcism or their meaning. But to miss their power over the Prince of Darkness would be to miss the source of their true efficacy. The power does not come from some magical incantation. Rather, Jesus Christ, truly human and Divine, has conquered the Evil One and has given to the Church his power to cast out demons.

I regularly remind new exorcists in training: do not search for some special prayer that will magically cast out the demons. The great weapon against Satan, which is weapon given to you, is the power of Christ in his Church. The core of an exorcism is the Church’s formal Rite wielded by a priest given the proper authority from the Bishop. Never doubt it!


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