Exorcist Diary #295: Fear Fuels Curses — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[“Storm on the Sea of Galilee,” Rembrandt van Rijn, 1633]

I was speaking with a converted witch who had practiced the occult for almost three decades. He said that witches fuel their curses by tormenting their victims. They try to incite strong “negative” emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, and/or a desire for revenge in these victims. He said witches believe these intense emotions strengthen their curses and fuel them.

This helped me understand why one of our clients has been receiving hundreds of taunting texts from a witch. She is enraged at him and has been cursing him and his family, including his children, for over four years! Why would she spend so much time in provoking them? It fuels her curses. However, it is really she who is being consumed by her own rage.

Previously, I knew that demons were “fed” when we are frightened by them, angry, or vengeful. So, it makes sense that witches would do the same since a witch’s power comes from demons. Thus, an exorcist should approach his ministry with resolve and calm, and not let the demonic antics get to him. Moreover, anyone who is being tormented by witches or demons should try to remain calm and often repeat the prayer, “Jesus I trust in you.”

These dynamics might give us insight into Jesus’ admonition to forgive our enemies, instead of harboring anger and resentment. It also helps us understand why He told us to trust in Him and his Heavenly Father, rather than giving into fear.


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