Exorcist Diary #257: “Satan, Be Afraid of Us!” — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[“Healing of the demon-possessed,” Medieval Illustration]

An important part of the process of expelling demons is making the afflicted person an unwelcome host for evil. This means not only closing any doors to the demonic, but also making the person as holy a vessel as possible for the Divine.

Recently, one of our exorcists was interrogating the demons in a young man, forcing them to recognize that they are no longer welcome:

Exorcist: Why don’t you go into his heart right now and feel the holiness of Our

Lord’s presence and tell me who his heart belongs to. Feel Our Lord’s presence.

Demons: [blood curdling screams.]

Exorcist: Who is in his heart, in Jesus’ name, say it!

Demons: No one. There is no one there. There is nothing there.

Exorcist: Why don’t you check again.

Demons: [More screams.]

Exorcist: It looks like there is something there, because you are screaming.

Demons: There is nothing there. I am fine.

Exorcist: Why don’t you go back again.

Demons: [Screams and then whimpers]

Exorcist: In the Holy Name of Jesus, is Our Lord there in his heart?

Demons: Yes.

Exorcist: His heart belongs to him, doesn’t it?

Demons: Yes.

Exorcist: And it doesn’t belong to you, right?

Demons: Right. F…. you.

In the old Rite of Exorcism, which many exorcists still use, one of the first imprecatory prayers commands the demons: “Sit tibi terror corpus hominis, sit tibi formido imago Dei” which is: “Let the body of man be a terror to you; let it be a fearful image of God to you.” As powerful as Satan is, he is mere dust compared to the God-man Jesus Christ.

We, who are made in God’s image and have Christ dwelling in us through baptism, Eucharist and sanctifying grace, are a terror to the Evil One. He cannot stand being in the presence of Christ. However, when we fall into sin and distance ourselves from Christ, the darkness can take hold in our hearts.

So many people are afraid of Satan. Indeed, Satan encourages this fear and feeds off it. But when we, the sons and daughters of God, come to realize our true dignity and the indwelling of Christ, it is he who is afraid of us.


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