Exorcist Diary #279: Beelzebul Terrified of Mary — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[“,,The De Brailes Hours,” created by William de Brailes in 13th-century England. The story behind it is that Mary punches Satan to retrieve a charter that a priest named Theophilus had used to sell his soul to the devil.]

Several years ago, in a big case, Beelzebul was the out front demon who did all the talking while Satan himself was the head possessor. God forced the demons to tell us when they were leaving and what would cast them out. They responded that “She”, as they called her, would come and we were told when. A half hour before the appointed time, I said to them, “You’ve got 30 minutes left!” At that point, Beelzebul abruptly departed. Satan and his personal coterie obviously weren’t allowed to leave early. God, in his justice, made him stay and suffer the humiliation of being cast out by his nemesis the Virgin Mary.

A few years later, in a separate case, Beelzebul was the head possessor and I reminded him of the previous experience: “You were cast out by the Virgin Mary several years ago. We pray that she will come and cast you out again!” To wit Beelzebul responded, “I was not cast out.”

Was this a lie? Upon reflection, I believe it was technically correct. As I thought about the previous exorcism, it appeared that Beelzebul was not cast out by force of prayer per se, but that he left “voluntarily” when he knew the Mother of Jesus was coming. He knew exactly how humiliating and tortuous the presence of this holiest of women is to him so he left.

Recently, I ran into Beelzebul (or Beelzebub- Lord of the Flies) in a third case. Some of the tell-tale signs of his presence included an inexplicable strange swarm of flies around the possessed. Plus, when his name was mentioned, the demonic response was strong. He was outed and starting to suffer under the prayers of exorcism.

So, I reminded him, “You are terrified of the Virgin Mary. You cannot even stay in the same room. The purity, humility, and sanctity of that little woman from Palestine tortures you. When you know she is coming, you are terrified and you run!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a strong demonic reaction of humiliation and terror. Wow! In Mary’s presence, even the highest ranking demons have a complete meltdown. You and I are no match for the power, speed and intellect of demons. But the Mother of Jesus terrifies them all.

Moreover, Jesus gave Mary to us as a Mother: “Woman behold your son” (Jn 19:26). She loves us as her spiritual children and will protect us with the fierce Motherly love as when her children are threatened. We only need to ask. Mary, our Mother, spread your mantle over us, your children, and protect us!


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