Exorcist Diary #280: Demons Retaliate Against Sensitives — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[“The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1880]

The Team was waiting for “A” to show up for his exorcism session.  One of the spiritual sensitives picked up her head and said, “A’s here.”  A moment later, the doorbell rang. The sensitive noted grimly, “He brought his demons with him.”

In a separate case, a person who was demonically afflicted was traveling to our center for the first time.  One of the sensitive priests said, long before she arrived, “Ugh. I already am getting slimed by her demons.  Demons of depression. Wow, very strong!”   When the woman arrived, she confirmed that she has long struggled with a major depression which was resistant to psychological healing.  So, the Team

focused on casting out demons of depression.  Her depression lifted after a few sessions.

Being sensitive to the presence of demons is more common than many realize, but little understood.  People often think them crazy when they share their experiences. They themselves may wonder if they are just imagining it.  What sensitives need is an experienced spiritual director who is knowledgeable in such matters and can guide them.  Unfortunately, such directors are very rare. 

Sensitivity often runs in families.  When someone believes they 

have a spiritual sensitivity, I will ask them about parents and grandparents:  “Did any of them seem to have a special spiritual knowledge or abilities?”  Sadly some use their sensitivities for evil; for example, sensitivity can run in a long line of witches and occult practitioners.

It is also true that more than a few people believe they have such a sensitivity but it is only their overactive spiritual imagination.  These can be spotted when their “insights” are not corroborated by reality.  Or their “insights” become increasingly fanciful and bizarre…and often self-aggrandizing.

Real sensitives suffer because of their “gifts” and largely keep them hidden.  Experiencing the presence of demons is no fun; demons are ugly, dark, angry, and punishing. Demons know who can sense their presence and they don’t like it.  Their primary defense is to remain hidden.  When sussed out and exposed, they retaliate, if they can.  Usually, the greater the spiritual sensitivity, the stronger the demonic retaliation.

Of course, demons are only allowed to do what God allows so the sensitive soul needs to trust in Him and His providence. Of course, they should enlist the normal spiritual protections. Frequent reception of the sacraments is a must, plus a solid daily prayer regimen. Sensitives not uncommonly will have a strong connection to the saints and angels as their daily helpers and companions.

At SMC we try not to overtax our Team members and especially those sensitives who suffer in the presence of  demons. The spiritual combat takes a toll on all, and especially those who suffer when demons are present.

Some find the following scriptural quote especially consoling in these difficult circumstances:

“Do not disdain the discipline of the Lord or lose heart when reproved by

Him; for whom the Lord loves, he disciplines; … Endure your trials as

discipline”. God treats you as sons.” (Heb 12: 5-7).


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