Pets Slaughtered in Bangkok — By: Church Militant

Pet sacrifices have made a comeback in Thailand. It may sound strange and uncommon, but killing an animal to curry favor with a demon is nothing new. Fallen men and women have been doing it for millennia.

Idol to the false diety Khru Kai Kaeo in Thailand
(Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut)

This past summer, the practice of offering animals as sacrifices to the idol Khru Kai Kaeo became commonplace. The practice had become so widespread that Thai civil authorities moved to outlaw it. Pets  routinely disappeared from the streets of Bangkok — burned to appease this demon in hopes of obtaining spiritual favors.

The old adage, “What’s old is new again,” is so true. Despite Judaism, Christianity and Islam all condemning the practice of idol worship and the offering of sacrifices to false deities, these evil practices have seen a resurgence throughout the world.

Making a Comeback

Recently on X and Instagram, a flurry of posts talked about “cooking” pets. Besides bringing rightful disdain upon the perpetrators of these barbaric practices, these posts shed light on how, despite the best efforts of the Church and civil authorities, demon worship thrives in the modern world.

Demon-worshippers routinely offered their evil sacrifices on the church steps.

Most people cannot wrap their minds around how anyone could take someone’s pet to offer it to a demon. Yet many rationalize what they see as aberrant to make the idea more palatable. “Oh, the poor immigrant is just hungry, so he stole his neighbor’s cat and cooked it,” they’ll muse. They have no experience seeing these sorts of ancient holocausts in the course of their day-to-day lives, so they conjure something far easier to stomach.

Cultists make sacrifices on church steps

During my years as a priest at St. Michael’s parish in South Chicago, I often cleaned up what remained of an animal sacrifice offered to some demon on the steps of the church.

In St. Michael’s neighborhood, there was a large group of Santeria worshipers. These demon-worshippers routinely offered their evil holocaust overnight on the church steps. It made their sacrifice more powerful to desecrate the steps of a church.

Upon discovering one of these bloodbaths, I’d hose down the steps and offer prayers of deliverance from any demons that had been summoned. 

But sadly, whenever I’d call police from St. Michael’s to report another incineration on the church steps, the desk sergeant was unconcerned. A small, contained fire on the steps of a church in Chicago is nothing compared to the hundreds of homicides that occur annually in the metropolis.

Unlike the authorities in Bangkok, who at least fought the animal immolation, Chicago’s finest simply turn a blind eye.

Ancient Sacrifice

For those unfamiliar with idol worship, in ancient times, the Canaanite peoples who occupied Israel before the Hebrews occupied it routinely made both animal and even human sacrifices. These sacrifices were just part of the deities they worshiped. Three of these deities were El, Baal and Anath.

As described in gory detail in Baalbek Temple and Human Sacrifice Worship to Baal

Beginning with the founding of the Phoenician colony of Carthage in about 814 B.C., mothers and fathers buried their children who were sacrificed to Baal. The practice was apparently distasteful even to Carthaginians, and they began to buy children for the purpose of sacrifice or even to raise servant children, instead of offering up their own. However, in times of crisis or calamity, like war, earthquakes, drought, or famine, their priests demanded the flower of their youth. Special ceremonies during extreme crisis saw up to 200 children of the most affluent and powerful families slain and tossed into the burning pyre. During the political crisis of 310 B.C., some 500 were killed. On a moonlit night, the body was placed on the arms of an effigy of Baal made of brass. The Priests lit fires that heated the effigies from its lower parts. The victims were placed on the burning hot outstretched hands. As they were burned alive they vehemently cried out. The priests beat a drum, sounded flutes, lyres, and tambourines. This drowned out the cries of the anguished parents. The father could not hear the voice of his son, and his heart might not be moved.

It’s hard to say how this resurgence of paganism worldwide will be dealt with by the Church and civil authorities. Both authorities remain naive about devil worship and falsely believe that the cults that worship demons are all benign. 

The bloody sacrifice doesn’t just stop at animals.

What they fail to realize is that the bloody sacrifice doesn’t just stop at animals.

Human Sacrifice

Human sacrifice to demons still occurs in our time. The primitive practice of sacrificing and burning human victims to Baal has been replaced by the systematic elimination of hundreds of millions through abortion. Demons don’t care whether a person being sacrificed is big or small or whether the murder occurs by fire or the hands of a surgeon. 

Abortion is modern-day demon worship

Demons only care about spilling blood and extinguishing life. The recent movie Nefarious did an excellent job portraying this indiscriminate bloodlust.

Like the Old Testament prophet Elijah, we need to nip this evil in the bud, starting by ending all abortions. This form of demon worship is much worse than the mere sacrifice of an animal, yet it is has become culturally accepted. Abortion is merely modern man’s hygienically-gloved Baal worship.

Don’t believe me? Satanists have openly declared abortion one of their sacred rituals. The governor of New Mexico recently launched a hotline to refer abortion-minded mothers to satanists’ burgeoning network of child chop shops.

Even the pro-abortion rallying cry of “my body, my choice” represents satanic doctrine. To a satanist, child murder is a religious “right” — a sacrament — and they’re extolling it everywhere, including in taxpayer-funded U.S. schools.

Despite the passage of centuries, not much has changed. Many have fallen back into the worship of demons, whether wittingly or unwittingly.

The question is what we’re going to do about it. Until the world turns to the sacraments established by Christ and prays earnestly for a return to Him with our whole hearts, the gruesome sacrifice will continue.

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