Abortion Activists Oppose Our Lord at Murder Mill — By: Church Militant

Lives are on the line next month in Ohio. And even when confronted by obnoxious murder enthusiasts, Catholics remain steadfast in defending life.

Bp. Daniel Thomas at Toledo’s annual Mass for Life

(Oct. 28, 2023)

Over a hundred Catholics participated in the diocese of Toledo’s annual Mass for Life and Eucharistic procession on Saturday, Oct. 28. The 9 a.m. Mass for Life was held at St. Catherine of Siena parish with His Excellency Bp. Daniel Thomas as the celebrant.

Bishop Thomas spoke in his homily about the importance of protecting life and the horrors that await children if Issue 1 is approved.  

The peaceful and prayerful procession to and from the diocese’s only remaining abortion facility was about 1.5 miles in total, and participants sang Catholic hymns while processing.

The event organizers worked with local law enforcement to establish a police presence, ensuring the safety of people who were peacefully processing to and from the abortion center. This proved to be beneficial given the surprise that awaited the bishop and faithful flock upon arrival at the abortion site.

Church Militant’s Resistance captain in Toledo, Mike Berry, attended and captured footage of the event.

The antilife crowd attempted to disrupt the prayers as much as possible.

A group primarily composed of disgruntled women was present to counterprotest across the street. Armed with bullhorns and signs that read “Issue 1 not just yes but HELL YES,” the antilife crowd attempted to disrupt the prayers as much as possible. Shouting expletives, making grotesque sexual remarks and even playing instruments like drums and trombones, the futile efforts to drown out the prayers to Heaven pleading for mercy did not deter those present.

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As Ohioans approach the general election on Nov. 7, Issue 1 is garnering massive attention from voters across the political spectrum. Titled “The Right to Reproductive Freedom With Protections for Health and Safety,” Issue 1 would allow late-term abortions, even up until birth, and leave ill-defined the question of who can legally perform them.

Eucharistic adorers at Toledo’s annual Mass for Life

and Eucharistic procession 

Amid so many scandals and abuses in the hierarchy, it’s a breath of fresh air to see Bp. Thomas taking charge by publicly leading Christ’s flock.

An outspoken defender of life in his diocese, Thomas has made it very clear to Catholics what’s at stake with Issue 1:

It opens the door for anyone under the age of 18 to procure an abortion or make other reproductive decisions with no parental consent or notification. This amendment threatens the rights of parents to protect their children from the dangers of life-altering hormonal treatments during puberty negatively affecting their sexuality.   

Events like this and the wildly covered Eucharistic procession in New York are proving to have a much-needed positive impact.

— Campaign 30192 —

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