America’s 10 Most Dangerous and Crime-Costly Cities — By: Church Militant

DETROIT ( – A report by NeighborhoodScout, a database of U.S. neighborhood analytics, found that Democratic mayors, or mayors allied with the Democratic Party, run all but one of the 10 most dangerous U.S. cities — and it’s costing citizens dearly. 

The study looked at the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents in cities of 25,000 or more residents and cited as the most dangerous

Bessemer, Alabama, with a crime rate of 33.1 crimes per 1,000 residents
Monroe, Louisiana, with a crime rate of 26.3 crimes per 1,000 residents, and
Saginaw, Michigan, with 25.1 crimes per 1,000 residents.

Monroe, which is led by Mayor Friday Ellis, a Republican-turned-independent, was the only city in the top 10 that didn’t have a Democrat in charge.

The study’s data are based on the number of violent crimes reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in each city, projections of violent crime rates based on previous years’ data, and the population of each city. It considers homicide, rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault as violent crimes.

Costly Chaos

A report by MoneyGeek, an organization providing consumers with financial advice and tools, found that Democratic mayors run all of what it considers the 10 most crime-costly cities.

It analyzed the most recent crime statistics from the FBI to estimate the cost of crime per resident in 263 cities with populations greater than 100,000. It found crime most impacting wallets in

St. Louis, Missouri, with an estimated crime cost per person of $8,457. Democrat Tishaura Jones is the mayor. Her predecessor, Lyda Krewson, was also a Democrat.
Birmingham, Alabama, at a cost per person of $7,900. The Democrat mayor there is Randall Woodfin, and
Baltimore, Maryland, at around $7,230 per person. Brandon Scott, its Democrat mayor, follows a string of Democrats who have held the role since 1967.

Tishaura Jones and Lyda Krewson

The study found that the cost of crime overall in 2021 was $1,836 per person in U.S. cities. Crime data included violent crimes such as homicide and rape, as well as home burglary and motor vehicle theft.

The study also explained how the cost of crime fanned out to affect medical and mental health care costs for victims, as well as depress home values and increase costs for homeowners, renters and auto insurance.

Capital Crime

Although America’s capital city did not feature on the top 10 lists of NeighborhoodScout or MoneyGeek, it too, under Democratic leadership, is enduring a significant increase in crime.

A recent article in the Washington Examiner provides an anecdotal report on the effects of rising crime in Washington, D.C., under the mayorship of Democrat Muriel Bowser.

You can’t have the American dream if you have high crime.

According to the report, “violent crime [is] up 40% in the past year and all crime up 28%” in the nation’s capital, but the report also focuses on the social and psychological effects of the data.

Gabr⁠i⁠el Nadales, the director of Our America and a former antifa activist, told the Examiner

You can’t have the American dream if you have high crime, and the reason is because you can’t do anything. If you are too afraid to leave your house, whether it is go to work or go out and go to the park, go buy a new car because somehow you’re going to be afraid that somebody’s going to steal your car which is unfortunately a problem throughout the country.

Nadales unpacks the ripple effects of rising crime, echoing what others in the article expressed and what many D.C. residents are experiencing. He explains that higher crime means businesses have to invest in more security; this, in turn, increases product prices for locals and tourists. Businesses may eventually close down or leave town altogether, further degrading the quality of city life.


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News Report: New DA Green-Lights Crime

But it doesn’t end there; he explains that

[t]he downstream effect of that is that now people lose their jobs. Now a lot of people who had a job at Target, now they can’t go to work. That means that the people who have to go to Walmart pharmacy or CVS Pharmacy inside Target, now they can’t get their medications, now they have to travel outside [sic] are much harder.

Nadales, like others, places blame on D.C. leadership, in particular on Bowser’s alleged lack of support for police in 2020 and on Washington U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves‘ soft-on-crime prosecution record.

“That’s also a big issue — that prosecutors throughout the country are refusing to prosecute several different crimes in the name of social justice,” Nadales said. “If you don’t have enough police and you let criminals who are caught by the police go, you are going to have more crime. It’s as simple as that.”

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