Biden admin continues ‘woke’ transformation of US military by enforcing LGBT ideology: report

Last month, the Center for Military Readiness (CMR) published an update on the Biden administration’s work to infuse the armed forces with left-wing gender ideology, via the most recent version of DoD Instruction 1300.28, a document on “Inservice Transition for Transgender Service Members.” The group says it contains “prime examples of woke-ism in the military, defined as policies that impose progressive ideology and take them to extremes with enforced compliance, even if it hurts the institution.”

First, the document changes the official working definitions of various terms to cater to LGBT dogma, including “transition” as a “period of time when individuals change from the gender role associated with their sex assigned at birth to a different gender role”; replacing “preferred gender” with “self-identified gender.”

“All personnel, including commanders, doctors and nurses, chaplains, and military men and women at all levels, must comply with this ideology or suffer career penalties if they don’t,” CMR warns.

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