Blitzing the Bishops — By: Church Militant


In 2017, when the Vatican secretary of state endorsed and approved an article being published in a well-read journal attacking Church Militant for somehow aligning with evangelicals to establish a theocracy in America, it was total garbage. However, we must give a tip of the hat to the Marxists in Rome, namely, Fr. Anthony Spadaro, who wrote the laughable hit piece entitled “Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism: A Surprising Ecumenism,” in which he labeled the alleged cooperation between Church Militant (yes, called us out by name) and evangelicals “an ecumenism of hate.”

Well, at the time, no such cooperation existed — certainly not in any formal way. So we did wonder, what the heck is he talking about? But back to that tip of the hat. That and proceeding events in the culture made us look in the mirror and ask, “Why aren’t we working with these folks who are (1) certainly more patriotic than the average Catholic, and (2) more Catholic than the average Catholic, including many clerics and hierarchs?”

Spadaro’s stupid assessment actually provided us a blueprint to begin moving down the road and linking arms, where possible, with like-minded U.S. patriots of goodwill.

So, back then, we didn’t have our official “ecumenism of hate”; but now we do — an “ecumenism of hate” toward the destruction of America by domestic enemies (namely the Religious Left, including some U.S. bishops and their Saul Alinsky–inspired, perverse “social justice” narrative.

Alinsky partnered with Catholic bishop Bernard James Sheil.

The same man that trained none other than Barack Obama as a “community organizer” even paid for him with Catholic money in Chicago, a point he did not fail to raise during that scandalous speech at Notre Dame’s commencement in May 2009. Ever since Saul Alinsky penetrated the Church through his labor union dealings in Chicago, stupid and ignorant (not to mention malevolent) bishops have adopted his false narrative.

In 1940, Alinsky partnered with Catholic bishop Bernard James Sheil, The Chicago Sun Times and department store owner Marshall Field, to found the Industrial Areas Foundation, a national community-organizing network. Notice that partnership: media, corporate America and religion! From then, it was off to the races.  

Alinsky was all about undermining America, which is why Obama and Hillary were enthralled with him. But so too were many U.S. hierarchs. Any narrative that came out of that ideology they swallowed up like cotton candy at the county fair. So as Alinsky disciples flowed out into the ranks of the Democratic machinery, many Catholic clerics followed suit.

Even as the public narrative changed somewhat to be a “care for the poor,” a kind of softer, gentler presentation of the whole social justice movement, bishops followed suit, essentially baptizing it for the average Catholic. Soon, “care for the poor” became the greatest commandment, and the one that would begin to reap billions for the hierarchy, right down to today.

And soon, the Democrats were transforming into “America last” Marxists and working hand in glove with their partners in robes at the Catholic bishops’ conference and the rest of the then-developing Religious Left.

They are now nearly indistinguishable, leftist bishops and the commie Democrats; pushing the same agenda, illegal immigration and environmental alarmism. So Church Militant and our fellow Deposit of Faith Coalition members are now going to build on the success of our first press event on illegal immigration we held in D.C. in July and are holding another, this time in Baltimore (while the bishops are holding their annual meeting), with the topic being “Challenging the Climate Claims of the Left.”

We’ve attached the press release going out to dozens of politically conservative media outlets for your viewing pleasure. And here’s a very important point to note, and the very thing the bishops cannot control — these media outlets as well as the majority of speakers are not Catholic. Bishops cannot blackmail or threaten them for their stories on how they’re undermining the republic. Notice, with 25 million media impressions from our D.C. press event on illegal immigration, not one Catholic media outlet covered it. Not one. And you know why.

The hierachy’s control over the Catholic media world has been perhaps one of the most frustrating things Church Militant has ever had to encounter, and that’s saying a lot. They simply refuse to tell a story the bishops don’t like. They are owned, bought and paid for by the USCCB.

But mostly Protestant, or at least men-of-goodwill political types are not beholden to the bishops and can report anything they deem newsworthy in their respective journalistic realms. They just need to know, which is the entire point of this press conference strategy Church Militant and the Deposit of Faith Coalition have developed. Simply do an end run around the wall of lies and protection the bishops have constructed for themselves and let non-Catholic media, who have much more integrity than their Catholic counterparts, tell the story.

It’s little else than blitzing the liberal bishops, plain and simple, at their vulnerable flank. For example, the empire of lies liberal bishops add to and profit from regarding supposed environmental damage owing to man. (This communist Democratic talking point repeated ad nauseam by Catholic clergy is undermining the republic by destroying our energy independence, as just one example.)

They simply refuse to tell a story the bishops don’t like.

Americans at least instinctively know it when they go fill up; gas used to be $1.80, but now it’s $3.80. But liberal bishops and commie Democrat elites don’t care because someone else pays for their gas. And food and housing and insurance — and and and.

So to expose all of this and the role of the Religious Left, our strategy is to ignore Catholic media like they ignore truth and instead enlist the help of non-Catholic media who actually care about truth but just need some help connecting the dots. That’s what this press conference in Baltimore is all about, regarding the lies that have been shoveled at us by bishops and Democrats and major media, a multi-headed leviathan.

So we’re asking you to pitch in here and donate and help keep the ball and the momentum going. Remember, they have a hundred-year jump on us and nothing is going to be fixed overnight. There is no silver bullet or magic wand here.  It’s just hard work and continual pounding and being more relentless than they are.

Events like this take tens of thousands of dollars to put on — the personnel, the place, the travel, the equipment and so forth. These are gigantic efforts that, at the end of the day, you all need to take the bow for. You’re the real heroes in this. We just do the grunt work. Without you and your determination and donations, these things just can’t happen. Period. 

So please click on the donate button and make your voice heard in support of linking arms with others of goodwill who are every bit as concerned about the future and their children as you are.

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