Commie Politicians and Billionaires Cheer On America’s Economic Demise — By: Church Militant


There are many avenues to undermining and destroying the republic and, by extension, severely damaging the Church, whose natural law teachings are the republic’s foundations. You can, of course, flood nearly 10 million illegals into the country, a number whose total now exceeds the population of forty-one states. From the communist Democrats’ point of view — check!

You can also do everything you can think to weaken the strongest economy in world history, an economy that has been built on energy mainly derived from fossil fuels — oil and coal to be specific. A step-by-step process would first include making oil and coal the “bad guy” needing to be done away with. The reason? They are destroying the climate and bringing about apocalyptic changes in the environment.

This mantra has been screamed at the top of their lungs for 40 years now, through the media and universities, and it is now accepted by the public as a fact. But it’s not true. Nonetheless, the communist propaganda is relentless. 

Just a couple months ago, former New York City Mayor and billionaire-at-large Michael Bloomberg announced he is donating another $500 million to, in his words, “finish the job on coal.” This follows on approximately $500 million he’s already directed into the effort.

Finish the job on coal!

This is all part of a much larger effort by Marxists in D.C., as well as corporate board rooms, to “transition” the country from fossil fuels to so-called renewable energy sources of wind and solar power to feed the electric grid. What they don’t tell you is that there is nowhere near enough capacity with those sources to keep the lights on, literally; and the push, for example, for electric vehicles, which appears to be falling flat, would only add to an already over-taxed system.

Remember just last year when California governor and phony Catholic Gavin Newsom was cheering a new state law making all new vehicle sales be of just electric vehicles, and months later said the strain on the state’s existing electric grid was too great and then regulated how and when electric vehicles could be charged up?

If the strain is too great when a only small percentage of vehicles are drawing down power for the state’s grid, how on earth will it stand up to 14 million cars plugged into it? It’s nuts.

Here’s the deal — all these claims and supposed solutions are bogus. Man isn’t destroying the environment and creating massive climate change. Solar flares are. Undersea volcanoes are. (To name just two major causes.)

But, like they always do, the communists find something, anything, to push a lie that benefits their agenda and then use media and academia to broadcast the lie far and wide so that people can be “prepped’ to believe the lie and go along with the resulting laws and policies, all of which have the single goal of destabilizing the economy to undermine the republic. And this is why liberal U.S. bishops are dirty rotten players in all this. Being the single biggest religious body pushing the error that climate change is caused by man, the USCCB causes the most damage.

They back the communist Democrats’ initiatives, policies and agendas, which are based on a lie. Within the USCCB itself, there are multiple groups they sponsor and fund that also pretend to be goody-two-shoes, saving the earth, the whales and the spotted owl, and disguising it all as somehow part of the gospel mandate, while at the same time they express no meaningful concern and toss almost no money behind the effort to save babies from abortion.

The “climate change is caused by man” lie is just that, a lie propagated by enemies of the Church, both within and without, as well as enemies of the republic. To help expose these errors, Church Militant is once again happy to organize our Deposit of Faith Coalition members in sponsoring another press conference for politically conservative media so they can understand the connection here.

Presenting to the media on Tuesday Nov. 14, which will be at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore during the bishops’ annual meeting, will be a number of the most highly respected experts ever assembled, including:

John Clauser, 2022 Nobel Prize winner in physics, who will debunk the phony science behind all this
Marc Morano, producer, writer and former investigative reporter for Rush Limbaugh, who’ll blow the lid off the plot to collapse America’s energy, transportation and food supply
Alex Newman, award-winning international journalist who has covered this topic and the misinformation from the Left about it for years (think Greta Thunberg and the media canonization of her), and
Yours truly, a multiple-Emmy-award-winning investigative journalist — I’ll be presenting on the hierarchy’s complicity in all this.

The press conference will be available for everyone at home to watch live, beginning at 1 p.m. ET on Nov. 14. Please tell everyone you know. Spread the word.

Church Militant is leading the charge, hands down, with our Deposit of Faith Coalition, in trying to roll back at least the funding the bishops get in all of this unethical activity, be it immigration or, in this case, environmental alarmism based on phony science.

The communists find something, anything, to push a lie that benefits their agenda.

As you know, we were in D.C. last week, on the Hill, interviewing congressmen who have had it with the “America last” agenda supported by liberal U.S. bishops, and now, once again, we are taking the fight right to the bishops’ doorstep.

As the bishops meet in the Marriott, directly across the street, at the exact same time, we will be broadcasting with a Nobel Prize winner and respected journalist-experts in all this.

So we’d like to appeal to you to help pay for all of this. It’s extremely costly to travel the crew, the equipment, set it all up, rent the facilities, bring in the speakers as well as the three weeks of background research and man hours we have already put into this — and the hard work hasn’t even begun yet.

The last press conference we sponsored in July in D.C. garnered more than 25 million media impressions as outlet after outlet kept publishing info from the press event — even Steve Bannon and InfoWars picked it all up, like Stew Peters picked up our work last week on Capitol Hill.

Staffers in Congress told us that was extremely helpful for them in pitching their legislation to simply cut off funding for the bishops and Religious Left groups. Well, here we go again. Cut off all funding for them — all of it. Every last dime. Whatever policy of the communists they are pushing, immigration or climate.

So please click on the donate button just below us here and be the heroes, the impetus in launching another broadside against this corruption. Fight back!

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