Exorcist Diary #261: Satan Exploits Our Wounds — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[Mary Magdalene depicted as a Penitent” Domenico Tintoretto, 1598]

Kate suffers from depression and anxiety. She was sexually abused by her father and as an adult struggles with the trauma of the abuse. She has difficulties with hopelessness and trusting in others. Also, she is emotionally isolated and suffers from self-hatred.
Recently, Kate has periods of especially intense depressions and bouts of suicidality which seem extreme and not typical of her “normal” psychological moods. These bouts surface without an apparent immediate cause. When she is prayed over, these crises subside significantly. Both Kate and the priest wonder: are these bouts psychological or are they the work of demons?
For our discernment, it is important to note that Satan exploits our wounds. If we struggle with depression, he will do everything he can to exaggerate our depressions, including filling the person’s mind with depressing thoughts, hopelessness, despair and even suicidality. If fear is our weakness, he will exaggerate our fears and tempt us to be terrified of him and not trust in God. If we have been abused in childhood, the Evil One will fill our minds with feelings of worthlessness, self-hatred, and isolation. Satan uses peoples’ wounds as portals to enter and torture their lives.
How do we know if Satan is directly involved in someone’s life or are their problems strictly psychological? One place to look is in the severity and the onset of the attacks. Satan exaggerates our weaknesses and what should have been a “normal” depressive episode is then exaggerated into a full blown, unmanageable crisis. Second, demonic attacks often occur suddenly and without the usual psychological triggers. Third, when deliverance prayers are said during a Satanic attack, the crisis often abates quickly to a more manageable and typical problem.
Many cases of demonic affliction involve this combination of underlying psychological wounds and a demonic presence exploiting these wounds. As a result, full spiritual liberation cannot take place unless the underlying psychic wounds are sufficiently healed and the portal is closed. Many of our afflicted people who are receiving deliverance prayers are also in some form of psychological healing which directly addresses past traumas and underlying wounds.
In Kate’s case, Satan is using her past psychological wounds as portals. Thus, to answer the question about the source of her problems: Kate’s difficulties are both psychological AND spiritual.

After months of psychotherapy and deliverance prayers, she is now able to discern when she is suffering from a typical mood problem as a result of her abusive past or when she is being directly attacked by the Evil One. Whenever she suffers “normal” psychological difficult moods, she has a series of steps to take such as connecting with her therapist, reaching out to friends and family, and being involved in social activities. But when the problem includes a Satanic attack, she also engages spiritual means such as deliverance prayers, connecting with her spiritual director, and praying the rosary,
It is easy to fall into extremes in discernment. One extreme is to believe that one’s problems are wholly spiritual and denigrate anything psychological. The other extreme is to reduce everything to the psychological and not allow the possibility of a direct demonic influence. Our experience finds the psychological and spiritual to be intertwined, and thus healing modalities of both psyche and spirit are typically important.
Kate is working hard on both levels and has already made considerable progress. Her debilitating fear has subsided greatly. She is reconnecting with friends. She is able to go to Mass daily and receive communion. Her prognosis is very good. She now has a new-found feeling of hope. And we find much hope in working with her.


*Our next online deliverance session is Monday, Oct 16th at 7-8pm Eastern USA time. Register on our website at:https://www.catholicexorcism.org/event-details/october-16th-online-deliverance-prayer-session or here. There were 18,000 who registered in September and the Lord abundantly blessed us. Here are a few of the feedback comments from participants:

Thank you so much. I and my husband did these prayers together. Very powerful.

I love these prayers, it’s beautiful. It gives me peace in my soul.

The forgiveness prayer and prayer to eradicate generational spirits deeply touched me.

I came away with a growing sense of peace, confidence, and joy.

It’s hard to explain the peace and lightness I feel immediately from these deliverance sessions. Thank you and God bless you always!

Thank you is not enough.With your deliverance sessions, my depression I have had since I was in my early 20s (I am now 49) has been more manageable since I have been joining your sessions.

It always feels like a weight is lifted during and after each session.

I have had severe self-hate and inferiority problems. After three times of your online exorcisms I no longer suffer. I even did a speech at a wedding without getting nervous. I know I am loved. Hallelujah!

I felt the anger that I had held onto for so long ebb away when we prayed for forgiveness for self and others.

I felt the Presence of God very strongly…knew this was the real deal. Thank you so much.

I felt great grace and peace. I also had tears of healing.

I always feel closer to God when I attend your session.

At some points, I just started to cry. And it actually felt like a weight was being taken off of me. It was very comforting, and I could feel very confident the love of God with me.

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