Exorcist Diary #263: Can Witches Heal? — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[“Christ Healing the Paralytic at Bethesda,” Palma il Giovane, 1592]

Our monthly online deliverance sessions continue to be a powerful spiritual experience, thanks be to God, with thousands praying together from around the world.* We receive hundreds of wonderful notes after each session.*** One in particular from this week caught my eye:

Dear Msgr. Rossetti and team: I have been praying with you for over a year now. I was involved with witchcraft and divination during the pandemic and now I am suffering the consequences. I had a “healing ritual” performed on me by a witch and I have been experiencing what I believe is demonic oppression ever since (there is something moving up and down my body, and weighing me down, making it hard to walk and move properly). I got many medical checks and a psychiatric evaluation but it looks like it is all normal there. [When I pray] the shaking and jerking is intense. Going to church was tough and is still a bit hard. This thing starts to shake violently and hits me from inside when I enter a church so you can imagine what it is like! Not to mention the aversion and repulsion I felt. The worst part is getting close to a Tabernacle. My heart starts beating so fast; it feels like I’m going to have a heart attack. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find much assistance where I live so thank you very much for what you are doing, the help and comfort your have been providing has been invaluable. I wanted to let you know a couple of things that have happened lately. First, I have expelled a black thread from my intestines. I don’t want to get too graphic here, but the thread exited completely clean, looking as if a knot had been untied. I haven’t improved too much but I hope it is a step in the right direction. Also, I got scratched at the beginning of the session last night. Actually I get scratched quite regularly but this is not the worst thing I have to deal with. Last year I couldn’t even pray because hell would break loose in my room: loud bangs, creaks and other noises. They have now disappeared. Often I would smell burnt charcoal inside my throat, as if it was coming directly from my lungs (and I don’t smoke!). It still happens but a lot less than it used to. Thank you all once again. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and all your team. Hopefully your prayers will guide me to a way out of this nightmare. I send you all a virtual hug.

[Used with permission]

There are some validating signs here which are typical of a demonic presence. As a result of her dabbling in the occult, she has a strong aversion to the sacred (church, prayer, tabernacle). Demons react strongly and negatively to anything holy. Also, there are physical manifestations in her room when she prays including “bangs, creaks and other noises.” She also has negative physical symptoms typical of the demonic including being scratched and the taste of “burnt charcoal” in her throat. Very telling is her passing from her body a “fortuna,” in this case a black thread, which is associated with witches’ curses. Passing a fortuna is a sign that progress is being made in lifting the curse. Finally, in response to sacraments and prayers, she is slowly getting better.

More than a few people seek healing through witchcraft and occult rituals, often with good intentions. There are “healing witches,” “curanderos,” and “shamans” who promise healing magic. Those who come to us after seeing such occult healers often report an initial feeling of relief after these magic rituals, but then the problems become much worse. Good intentions do not alter the reality that when the true God is not invoked in spiritual practices, dark spirits will often respond, as this person tragically found out.

There is one safe source for healing: Jesus. Many of the thousands who attend our online healing sessions experience a healing grace through Jesus. And if Jesus does not give us the grace we want, He will give us the grace we need. This always includes the strength to endure in faith whatever comes.

The Christian learns to trust in God. Unfortunately, this life is often a “vale of tears.” But, whatever comes, we trust that God is in charge and, in Him, all things that come our way will ultimately be for our good. “We know that all things work for good for those who love God” (Rm 8:28).


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***Sample of Feedback from September 2023 Online Deliverance Session

The prayer “I Am Loved” moved me to tears as I suffer from feelings of hurt, and rejection from family members and loved ones. It is always good to know and feel God’s healing love!

I feel a sense of joy. Thank you!!

By God’s grace, after the deliverance, I experienced renewed physical strength, i.e., my body returned to normal. Before the deliverance I was careful with my actions, afterward I could move about normally and do chores as before. What an amazing experience that was! …And, when things seem especially trying, I rewatch those sessions as needed. Thank you so much!

I cried when Msgr lifted financial curses and when he asked God the Father to wrap His arms around us. I suffer from not believing that I can be loved due to past sins. The final blessing was the most powerful.

Thank you! Truly beautiful!

I have been having bad dreams for about 20 years…After 1 deliverance session, they have mostly gone away! Thank you!

Today I was able to watch a live session and was shocked how powerful it was. I felt like I was lightheaded and had pressure in my head during the removing of curses. I was horrified to learn how I have opened myself up dabbling with the new age and going to energy healers…I plan on rewatching this service and continue praying the rosary everyday and attend confession this week. I also will be attending mass. I can’t tell you how humbled I feel. How at peace and calm I feel.

I felt a deep peace during the session that I haven’t felt in a very very very long time. Thank you so much for doing these sessions. God Bless You!!

The biggest effect in my life from attending these sessions is the loosening of the grip of fear, oppression, and the increase in the surrender to the love of God and His will.

Had a feeling of God’s grace coming over me, like a warmth.

Thank you, I feel a great peace and a joy and am filled with gratitude following the session today.

Felt at peace and joy! Thank you.

After tonight’s session, I have this great sense of peace. I will sleep peacefully tonight for the first time in a while. Thank you so very much!

I know God really Loves me, feeling His love flowing over and in me.

I felt a “heaviness” leave me.

Felt the light I’ve never felt in a while.

I have finally been liberated from the vice of wrath and am thankful for God’s mercy and grace in response to [the] prayers.

I was quite troubled and worried about my current health condition and felt lost, fearful, and unsettled. After the prayer session, I felt so much peace, especially with the prayer “I Am Loved”. I felt the joy and peace enter into my heart and slept with a smile on my face feeling God’s love is always with me. Thank you so much for all the prayers and blessings!

Praise the Lord! As we began the prayers to remove generational spirits and to cast out specific evil spirits I burst out crying. I felt a release of emotions at that time, it felt as if I was crying in the arms of the Lord Christ and He was soothing my soul.

When I started doing these deliverance prayer sessions almost a year ago, I was carrying a tremendous burden. I felt the burden physically. It weighed down on my neck and shoulders. I was under constant attack by the Evil One. Now the weight is gone. God bless you all!! Thank you!!

During the prayer for healing of family conflict and discord, all of a sudden I started shaking sobbing. Its been a trial lately in that area for me. I woke up the next day feeling lighter, it was easier to get out of bed, normally a fight. Thank you I really felt that one and a release. God bless you.

Wow…..very, very powerful. I felt a major release in my heart, of forgiveness for my husband who has hurt me deeply.

The exchange of hearts with Jesus has been powerful for me. I feel a greater closeness to him, and an increased ability to love others. Thank you for all you are doing.

My fever went away as the service progressed.

I felt and saw a big black shadow lift from my head and I felt instantly better and happier.

A lot of stress left me and I have been able to get more done this week. My family also seems to be doing a little better as well. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

I experienced healing. I can now walk without a cane. I was bed-ridden for 3 months, and on a gurney, wheel chaise, walker then cane. I praise and thank God for these blessings.

Unexpectedly, I cried through much of the session. The tears were not sad, but felt like a healing, peaceful release. Thank you for doing this!

Grace-filled and powerful. These sessions are a blessing to my priesthood and others involved in our parish and mission ministries, outreach and prayer groups. God bless all involved. Thank you!

What I am experiencing is a deeper awe and love for my Catholic faith.

My wife and I have attended many of the sessions. We always feel closer to God and filled with the Holy Spirit after the sessions. The sessions strengthen our faith and give us hope and joy.

I received a 100% healing in my hand that was in great pain.

I have noticed that since I have begun participating in these prayer sessions, many things in my family’s life have changed for the better.

I used to be envious when I would read that people felt lighter and more peaceful after sessions. This time I actually felt a heaviness was lifted from me. I felt an air of peace. It was amazing. Thank you so much.

I’ve definitely noticed subtle changes over this time period. I don’t get the self-hatred, dislike, down on myself, and feel worthless as frequently or severe as I once did. It still happens from time to time.

I felt St. Michael and his angels near me!

A deep feeling of peace and cleansing, that goes beyond words.

I had to watch the recording, but it was just as powerful. God has this ministry at work! … It is a miraculous blessing in my life.

Overwhelming peace.

I like the live sessions because I can experience a communal sense of prayer, joining my prayers with other participants and to pray for their intentions as well as my own.

Both my husband and I attended online, we both felt a sense of peace during and afterwards… I’ve noticed for me that the people and issues of the past have become less and less intense as if healing in a slow and steady path over time…I’ve been attending every month for about a year. Thank you so much for these sessions!!!

As I am in Germany it is very late for me (1am), but I was impressed how many people were online. Awesome! Thanks for what you are doing! Keep going.

After exiting the prayer session, I felt joy and had mental clarity that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. I will be attending these as often as they are available. Thank you so much.

I experienced coughing, crying, and then a sense of relief and well-being. Thank you so much. These sessions are very soothing.

Complete peace by end of session…thank you!

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