Exorcist Diary #287: Divination- Is it just a game? — By: St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

[Mary crushes the head of the Serpent Gen 3:15]

Most people greatly underestimate the evil and potential spiritual damage caused by divination such as ouija boards, mediums, tarot cards, magic, and consulting the dead. People often say to me, “It was just a game” or “We thought it would be fun.” Sadly, as a result, some are tormented by demons. I recently received the email below and it well summarizes the experience of more than a few:

“I follow you on TikTok and downloaded the app. I am in need of some prayers…I recently started watching psychics and mediums on TikTok which I knew was wrong. This went on for a few weeks. I noticed that I started to have severe anxiety and depression. I also was unable to sleep at night and would wake up between 2:30 and 3AM which is still happening. I have since stopped and prayed for forgiveness. This morning as I was talking to my children, a spoon flew off the counter. It scared my kids….What prayers do you recommend I say?”*

Upon reading this email, it has several hallmarks of an authentic demonic experience: 1. Unusual severe anxiety/depression as a result; 2. Sleep disturbance including awakening near the demonic hour of 3am; 3. Preternatural events such as a spoon flying across the room.

I suggested that this person engage in an intensive regimen of deliverance prayers including prayers to cast out spirits of divination, in addition to bringing this into a sacramental confession.** Fortunately her involvement was limited and her symptoms are already starting to abate. For those more deeply involved, the process of liberation takes longer, even years.

I understand that WitchTok and such sites have billions of views! We do not have enough exorcists to handle the tidal wave of demonically afflicted people that will result. A day will come when many will cry for priests to pray over them for liberation and few will be found. Actually, that day is already pressing upon us.


*Used with permission.

**Pray with our short video: “Pray With Me: Casting Out Evil Spirits of Divination.”

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