‘God’s Army’ on the March: Day 3 — By: Church Militant

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas (ChurchMilitant.com) – The convoy of protesters calling themselves “God’s Army” has departed Louisiana and is now en route to Texas. It’s Day Three of the historic, week-long trek pushing for a secure U.S. border.

YG Nyghtstorm (left), Church Militant’s interim executive
director, reports joyful, peaceful greetings along the way

The “Take Our Border Back Convoy” — whose destination is the divide between the United States and Mexico — set out from Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Monday.

Participants passed through Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday before a stop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They rolled through the Lone Star State on Wednesday en route to Dripping Springs, just southwest of Austin.

The convoy is headed for multiple sites on the U.S. southern border — San Ysidro, California; Yuma, Arizona; and Quemado, Texas (Eagle Pass) — for simultaneous rallies on Feb. 3.

More Than 100 Vehicles Added

Catholic organizer Craig Hudgins told Church Militant via phone, “We’re making our way through the Louisiana swamp right now — making our way to Dripping Springs, closer to the points of contention.”

I know there is no solution to the border disaster without Jesus.

He also describes growing momentum during the journey, saying the convoy added over 100 cars in Baton Rouge and continues to pick up vehicles at every stop.

“People are there to greet us. We’re expecting bigger and bigger gatherings as we get closer to the border,” he noted.

Excitement Growing

Hudgins enthused:

Despite the naysayers, it gets bigger and better. And everywhere — along surface streets and expressways or overpasses — people of all stripes and hues are showing their support. People on the roads are honking their horns.  “We the people” — that’s what it’s all about. They’re waving American flags and holding signs of support for us and [showing] respect for our country.

There’s no doubt — Hudgins sees the convoy as a spiritual event.

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YG Nyghtstorm, Church Militant’s interim executive director, spoke today with NewsNation Live

“Mile by mile, we’re getting deeper into our faith. I think of Jesus’ words, ‘I had been lifted up upon the Cross, that I might draw all men unto me,'” he said. “As a Catholic and Christian, I know there is no solution to the border disaster without Jesus.” 

YG Nyghtstorm, Church Militant’s interim executive director, echoed Hudgins’ sentiments and emphasized the need to ultimately secure the border. He told Church Militant via phone, “We come to Texas in peace. We are a peaceful assembly. We are not violent. But the law is the law. … We don’t leave our homes open and unsecured and our families in peril. Likewise, we have to secure the border.”

The convoy is sending out an SOS to people who may not be awake — and to our God to hear and help us.

Nyghtstorm, who gave an on-air interview today to NewsNation, reiterated, “As one of the patriots said in Jacksonville, ‘If we don’t stand up and take our country back, we will not have a country.'”

The convoy’s focus on peace and prayer is leading them on.

“The convoy is sending out an SOS to people who may not be awake — and to our God to hear and help us,” Nyghtstorm explained.

‘Sanctuaries’ in Distress

Metropolitan areas once dubbed “sanctuary cities” for promising to cater to illegals, are now seeing their leaders — primarily Democrats — issuing distress signals.

‘Take Back Our Border’ convoy continues onward to Texas | Morning in America

Starting Feb. 5, Denver will begin imposing limits on the the number of days migrants can stay in shelters due to the strain caused by an influx of nearly 40,000 migrants over the past year. Those exceeding the shelter stay limit will be directed to the streets.

Denver’s Democratic mayor, Mike Johnston, estimates the city will require $100 million in taxpayer funds in 2024 to cover migrants’ housing, schooling, health care and other services.

YG Nyghtstorm (left) chats with supporters during brief stops 

Denver Health, the city’s “safety net” hospital, is also requesting additional funds from both state and federal sources to address $10 million in unpaid medical bills incurred by migrants.

Multimillionaire investor Elon Musk posted, “If Denver is having trouble with 40,000 illegals, how will they handle the next 400,000? The illegal influx is growing exponentially and just exceeded babies born in America last month!”

He was referring to the approximate number of illegal immigrants who made it across the U.S. border in December 2023 alone.

The convoy has raised more than $138,000 in pledges. One donor funded four billboards at the U.S.-Mexico port of entry in San Ysidro, California, where one of the convoy’s rallies is scheduled. Their messages urge a stop to border-related “human trafficking” and the “fentanyl crisis.”

For more information, visit the Take Our Border Back Convoy website.

This is a developing story Church Militant will continue to cover.

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