Have the Chinese Bought Off the Vatican? — By: Church Militant


Like a taste of some international intrigue and how the phony science engendering environmental alarmism is at the heart of it? OK, then sit back and follow the bouncing ball. We’re going to bring together some seemingly unrelated points in this Vortex.

But the big picture is that China is a communist nation and wants control of the planet. Let’s start there. Easy enough. Its major opposition, of course, is the United States, which must be weakened and neutralized. Again, easy enough. So let’s look at how it is going about this, and for that, we will turn our attention first to Europe.

In order for China to gain entry to the halls of power in European capitals, it needs “access.” This is where Italy comes in. For the past decade or so, China has poured thousands of Chinese nationals into the Italian nation, predominantly in a multitude of industries in northern Italy. That little tidbit came out at the beginning of the pandemic as people were asking why Italy was hit so hard by the virus.

For the Chinese, it would be the Vatican that would prove to be the access point to Italy.

China’s two-pronged plan — global domination by influencing European politics and weakening America — is detailed quite extensively in a recent book entitled Red Contagion: How Italy Has Become China’s Trojan Horse in the West. The author is Francesco Galietti, a highly respected and much sought-after business consultant who founded Policy Sonar, an outfit that tracks, among other things, massive movements of money around the globe through multiple hedge funds.

In his book, he details how China targeted Italy as the “soft underbelly” path into European politics, specifically because of the heavy involvement of the Vatican in Italian politics. For the Chinese, it would be the Vatican that would prove to be the access point to Italy — and from there, the rest of Europe.
In his tracking of international hedge funds, Galietti tripped across information revealing that Rome has been getting $2 billion a year from Red China, a data point that was later confirmed and expanded on by Chinese billionaire dissident Guo Wengui, who said the deal has been going on for years now.

That, of course, helps explain the secret Vatican–China accord of 2018 brokered by Theodore McCarrick and explains Rome’s willingness to throw Chinese Catholics under the bus. But there’s much more here. That is just China’s European plan, which, of course, dovetails nicely into its American plan — with the Vatican being at the heart of both plans.

In America, the plan involves the destabilization of the U.S. economy, especially in the area of energy independence. And this is where the whole climate issue arises. Junk science has been pushed through universities that are raking in billions in U.S. government research dollars for promoting fake science, and the mainstream media have been banging the drum for environmental alarmism for years. This, despite the fact that China ranks near the very top of countries polluting the planet. 

But you’ll notice that no one ever brings up that point because it would cause the entire plot to unravel. China gets treated like Hunter Biden’s laptop, Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide and ballot harvesting by the Marxist media — nothing to see here folks.

When Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord, the Marxist media went ballistic, accusing him of destroying the planet. Supposedly dangerous emissions from the United States can’t hold a candle to those of China, yet not a mention because the media are also down with the “America last” policies. And so is Rome.  

For this reason, Pope Francis and his pontificate, including many bishops here in the United States, have also been banging the drum about the coming collapse of the world because of the environment. Stupid. But hey, when the Vatican is pulling down $2 billion a year, maybe the name China just gets left out.

Earlier this month, on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, of course, the pope released his latest uninformed (we hope) rambling on the environment, Laudate Deum (Praise God). He uses the document to blast what appears to be Americans living lifestyles that are supposedly destroying the environment. Meanwhile, there’s not a word on China, despite its near-world-record level of emissions. “The oceans are boiling, and America is to blame” would be a decent summary from a layman’s perspective.

But while he’s big on citing data points on temps and storms and so forth and their impact on his underlying point that man is to blame, he provides nothing by way of proof, because there is no proof. And there is no proof because it’s not true. It’s called the weather, Holy Father. Global temps rise and temps fall, always have and always will.

But of course, the ignorant assertion that man and specifically Americans are the evil actors behind all this has no scientific backing at all, and Catholics are under zero obligation to believe so.

But the propaganda plays nicely into the hands of the commies in Beijing who want to keep this garbage going so their counterparts in D.C. will keep passing legislation that erodes the U.S. economy. Think the Green New Deal. 

Smart move by the Chinese. Buying off the Vatican not only got them eventual access into European politics, but it has also “baptized” all this in America, seemingly with the blessing of the pope. Francis even went out of his way to laud the U.S. bishops for their role in pushing this nonsense nonstop.

Man has nothing to do with the changes in the environment. It changed long before we were here. Remember the Ice Age? Yet the globalists have dominated the messaging in this with their constant propaganda in the media, so much so that it’s just accepted as a fact. 

To expose all of this and the role of the religious Left (including many in the Catholic clergy), Church Militant is holding our second press conference, this one in Baltimore. 

The Deposit of Faith Coalition is once again bringing in politically conservative media to present the facts to them from various speakers – including last year’s Nobel Prize winner in physics, John Clauser, who will tear apart the supposed scientific claims that man is causing changes in the weather.

The weather changes? True. Man causes that to happen? False. But as long as the false narrative rules the day, Marxists can use that propaganda to pass economy-destroying legislation that ultimately helps them gain control over Western democracies, especially the United States.

We do the grunt work, but you’re the real heroes.

So we’re asking you to pitch in here and donate and help keep the ball and the momentum going with exposing all this. Remember, commies have a hundred-year jump on us, and nothing is going to be fixed overnight.

Events like this take tens of thousands of dollars to put on — the personnel, the place, the travel, the equipment and so forth. They are huge efforts that, at the end of the day, you all need to take the bow for. We do the grunt work, but you’re the real heroes. Without you and your determination and donations, these things just can’t happen. And the politically conservative media outlets are deprived of the major data point connecting all these dots.

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