Illinois Bill Puts Abortion & ‘Gender Care’ Over Parental Rights — By: Church Militant

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. ( – Earlier this month, Illinois’s Democratic State Rep. Anne Stava-Murray introduced an amendment that would redefine child abuse to include parents’ denial of abortion and so-called gender-affirming care to their children. 

State Rep. Anne Stava-Murray, D-Ill.

The proposed amendment, contained within House Bill 4876, seeks significant changes to existing statutes concerning child welfare and minors’ access to medical procedures.

The legislation targets the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act and the Consent by Minors to Health Care Services Act. 

The amendment stipulates that an “abused child” encompasses any minor whose caretaker obstructs their access to “essential” medical care, explicitly including abortion and gender-affirming services. 

Furthermore, it clarifies that minors’ consent to these services is legally valid, and healthcare providers would not face liability for respecting such consent in good faith.

Legal Implications & Public Debate

Under the proposed amendment, denying a child access to so-called gender-affirming care or abortion could lead to charges of child abuse, with potential legal consequences for parents and guardians. 

This represents a significant shift from current interpretations of child abuse in Illinois, which traditionally focus on physical harm, neglect or emotional abuse.

Denying a child access to so-called gender-affirming care or abortion could lead to charges of child abuse.

The legal framework in Illinois already categorizes child neglect and domestic violence under child abuse, with varying degrees of penalization. 

The introduction of Stava-Murray’s amendment into this framework suggests a reevaluation of what constitutes harm or neglect in the context of healthcare access.

If enacted, the amendment would position Illinois as a leader among states in expanding so-called abortion rights as well as so-called gender care for minors, a direction that critics argue erodes parental rights. 

The adoption of this legislation could have significant consequences for Illinois, potentially setting a precedent for similar laws in other states.

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