Once-Catholic Spain Persecuting Rosary Protesters — By: Church Militant

MADRID (ChurchMilitant.com) – The Spanish government is attempting to prevent citizens from publicly praying the Rosary in protest of the country’s socialist government. 

Spanish officials are targeting Catholics who meet every night in front of the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Madrid to pray the Rosary in opposition to their corrupt leadership.

José Andrés Calderón, the Rosary protest’s organizer, posted Monday after being arrested and fined for praying, “We live in a tyranny where we are not allowed to worship God. But if they think that they are going to silence the Spanish people like this, they are very much mistaken. God with us!”

El gobierno de Pedro Sánchez me ha multado por rezar el Santo Rosario.

Vivimos en una tiranía en la que no se nos permite rendir culto a Dios. Pero si piensan que van a callar así al pueblo español lo llevan claro.

¡DIOS CON NOSOTROS! ✝️���� pic.twitter.com/IbQCEdgIcj

— †Andrés † (@jandcalderon985) November 28, 2023

Andrés posted an image the previous day of a warning from the government, commenting, “Here is the communication from the government delegate of Madrid in which I am forbidden to pray the Rosary for the remainder of November. The government won’t even let us pray anymore. Let everyone know.”

Earlier today, Andrés had to go before the high court in Madrid and said on social media afterward, “The High Court of Justice of Madrid has just informed us that they agree with the Government Delegate’s prohibition of praying the Rosary in Ferraz.” He continues, “I can only tell you one thing: At 19:30 we will continue praying in Ferraz. Without any fear. God with us!”

When asked why he thinks the Rosary bothers the government so much, Andrés told InfoCatolica: 

The Government is troubled that there are Catholics who refuse to live muzzled. It bothers them that there are Christians who refuse to confine themselves to their homes or churches to show their love for God and devotion to the Virgin Mary. For decades, they had achieved their purposes. However, National November has awakened from a weary slumber Spaniards who are too tired of being ignored.

The Holy Rosary works and evil knows it. Therefore, they are doing everything possible to end its presence in Ferraz. It is indifferent to them if they have to repress its organizers or arrest innocent elderly women. This is the scenario we find ourselves in.

Protests around Spain have occurred every day for nearly a month regarding the re-election of Spain’s socialist prime minister, Pedro Sánchez. The Guardian reported that Sánchez’s Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and its left-wing partners “managed to cobble together the necessary votes by enlisting the support of the two main Catalan pro-independence parties in return for offering an amnesty for those involved in the unsuccessful, unilateral push to secede from Spain six years ago.”

The Government Delegate’s prohibition of praying the Rosary in Ferraz.

The amnesty law could provide a clean slate for hundreds of leftists who were charged with violent crimes and even terrorism. An article in Counting Stars relayed, “The message that the government conveys with this way of acting is that its allies enjoy impunity for committing crimes, while at the same time a heavy hand is applied against those who are not liked by the left even though they are not committing any illegality.”

Earlier this month, Tucker Carlson released an interview with Spain’s Vox leader, Santiago Abascal, about Spain’s political problems. Abascal warned that what is happening in Spain could be a precursor for the rest of the West, including the United States. Abascal revealed, “George Soros was the first person to meet with … Pedro Sánchez when he was elected.” Sánchez has served as prime minister since 2018.

Ep. 40 Spain’s descent into tyranny seems eerily familiar. Opposition leader Santiago Abascal is one of the few people standing up to it. We traveled to Madrid to talk to him.

1:11 Santiago Abascal
2:23 The end of democracy in Spain
8:43 “Are you ready to go to jail… pic.twitter.com/fE4zrYrqAC

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) November 17, 2023

Abascal revealed to Carlson problems in Spain that U.S. citizens are beginning to understand all too well, namely mass migration, attacks on free speech and cancel culture. “This government is a total lie. This government has betrayed its own people. This government is presided over and led by people with no scruples,” Abascal proclaimed. “They only have a thirst for power and an ideological obsession. This is what communism and socialism have always been.”

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