Pope Francis Hopes Hell Is Empty — By: Church Militant

VATICAN CITY (ChurchMilitant.com) – In a recent television interview, Pope Francis expressed his hope that Hell is empty and suggested a phrase in the traditional Act of Contrition is too harsh. 

Pope Francis on Che Tempo Che Fa

On the Italian show Che Tempo Che Fa Sunday, the pontiff stated, “I like to think Hell [is] empty. I hope it is reality.”

Pope Francis’ remarks come in the wake of his earlier comments in a private conversation with the late Eugenio Scalfari, where he had allegedly suggested the possibility of an empty Hell. The Vatican had previously issued denials regarding those remarks.

Pope Francis then characterized a phrase in the traditional Act of Contrition, namely, “because I have sinned, I have deserved your punishments,” as too harsh. 

The pontiff also discussed Fiducia Supplicans, emphasizing the importance of understanding and accepting decisions within the Church and cautioning against harboring dissent in one’s heart. 

Furthermore, Pope Francis spoke about the need for reform within the Church, emphasizing the importance of changing one’s heart daily. To improve relationships, he stressed the significance of addressing negative emotions like envy.

Pope Francis made a surprising revelation during the interview when he stated, “In 54 years of priesthood, I have only denied absolution once due to the hypocrisy of the person.” 

Trip to Argentina

Regarding his proposed trip to Argentina, the pope explained that the change in government has caused a delay in his visit. While he had previously mentioned plans to visit after the elections, the current political situation has made this trip uncertain.

Despite invitations from the president-elect and bishops, Pope Francis has not confirmed the visit. This decision has raised questions about his reluctance to undertake this trip.

Pope Francis’ recent television interview on Che Tempo Che Fa, a show that airs every weekend and receives millions of views, has ignited discussions on various theological and practical issues within the Catholic Church.

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