Pro-Life Groups Sue San Antonio Over New Fund — By: Church Militant

SAN ANTONIO ( – A number of pro-life groups and individuals are suing the city of San Antonio, Texas, over a new allocation of money to abortion groups. 

San Antonio Family Association and Texas Right to Life

San Antonio Family Association, Texas Right to Life and others filed a lawsuit against the city on Tuesday over the new $500,000 “Reproductive Justice Fund” in the city’s 2024 budget.

The lawsuit explained, “The plaintiffs bring suit to enjoin the city and its officials from providing taxpayer money to any organization that pays for abortion travel or that procures elective abortions for Texas residents.”

“It is a criminal offense to engage in conduct in Texas that ‘procures’ a drug-induced abortion — even when the abortion is performed out of state — so long as the procuring conduct occurs within the state of Texas,” it continued.

“It is also a crime to give money to organizations that violate the state’s abortion laws by ‘procuring’ drug-induced abortions, as any donation aids or abets the criminal activities of those organizations even if it is earmarked for non-abortion purposes,” the lawsuit adds. 

We will not allow the City of San Antonio to give taxpayer money to criminal organizations that engage in abortion.

Some abortion advocates are calling the claims “misinformation.” Laura Molinar, codirector of Sueños Sin Fronteras de Tejas, declared, “It’s a shame that such a comprehensive initiative that aims to actually improve the health outcomes of our San Antonio community is being reduced to misinformation.”

 Dr. John Seago

Others point out that the city “has not yet established the scope of services the fund might cover,” KSAT reported. “While the money could be used for services, such as contraceptives or reproductive health education, abortion rights advocates and some council members have also said it could also help cover travel costs for women seeking legal abortions outside of Texas.”

Texas Right to Life President, Dr. John Seago, proclaimed, “We will not allow the city of San Antonio to give taxpayer money to criminal organizations that engage in abortion trafficking and disregard the pro-life laws of our state.”

“We will be taking discovery from every one of these abortion funds to expose their violations of state law and the criminal activities of their members and donors,” he added. “Any other city in Texas that tries to give taxpayer money to abortion funds or abortion-assistance organizations will be met with a similar lawsuit.”

— Campaign 30192 —

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