Second Baby Safely Surrendered in Alabama — By: Church Militant

MADISON, Ala. ( — Another baby has been found in a baby box in Alabama.

Monica Kelsey founded a company that facilitates
anonymous infant surrender after learning she had been 
surrendered at a hospital for having been conceived in rape

The newborn was recently surrendered at Madison Fire & Rescue Station No. 1, marking the second such surrender of a baby in Madison, Alabama, within a month. 

The infant received immediate medical attention at a local hospital. 

Another infant had been surrendered in the same box on Jan. 22, just 12 days after the box was inaugurated.

A baby box is a safety device provided under the state’s Safe Haven law, which legally permits a mother in crisis to anonymously surrender a newborn.

Process for Protection

The boxes, designed as secured portals on the exterior wall of a building, enable immediate retrieval by emergency workers inside. An alarm sounds when an infant is placed inside.

Several Alabama cities have committed to install the boxes.

Upon surrender, a process ensues to ensure the baby is not reported missing. Most states require the non-relinquishing parent to be notified.

Law enforcement agencies collaborate to verify the baby’s status, followed by juvenile court petitions to facilitate adoption after the baby is released from the hospital. 

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The Afterlife Coach: Why It Matters

Some states allow a period within which a surrendering parent can petition the court to retain custody.

Legislation & Impact

Use of the boxes gained momentum last June when the Alabama Legislature expanded the state’s Safe Haven law. The amendment allows the surrender of infants up to 45 days old at fire stations equipped with emergency personnel 24/7. The law formerly allowed surrender only within three days of birth.

This effort is a reflection of Alabama’s pro-life stance.

Republican Rep. Donna Givens, inspired by similar laws in other states, spearheaded the bill, emphasizing its potential to save lives and facilitate adoption.

Rep. Donna Givens, R-Ala.

The initiative received widespread support, and several Alabama cities have committed to install the boxes. 

A collaboration between lawmakers, donors and the Kids to Love Foundation — which advocated for the law’s expansion — aims to place 10 baby boxes within the state. 

This effort is a reflection of Alabama’s pro-life stance, offering a tangible solution to support both mother and baby in times of crisis. The state’s law banning most abortions took effect when Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes, a company providing baby boxes, says on its website that it has received more than 9,000 calls on its 24-hour crisis hotline from every U.S. state and more than 40 babies surrendered in its boxes.

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