Taxpayers Fork Over $4B for LGBT Grants — By: Church Militant

WASHINGTON ( – The U.S. government is pushing the gay agenda at home and across the world using Americans’ tax dollars.

The White House touts its LGBT support

According to a report by The Epoch Times, $4.1 billion in federal money has been spent in the last three fiscal years to fund LGBT causes. 

The investigation reveals the U.S. government has issued more than 1,100 grants to support LGBT-promoting projects worldwide between Oct. 1, 2020 and Sept. 30, 2023. 

The report goes on to reveal that a staggering 1,181 grants, along with 31 loans and nine direct payments, were earmarked for such causes. A keyword search using “LGBT” in the database brought these figures to light. Furthermore, the number grows more specific: a separate search with the term “transgender” returned 574 entries.

For example, the LGBT Life Center in Norfolk, Virginia, is said to have received $1.8 million in 2022 to create a “safe space for LGBTQ youth and adults to seek support and resources.” In 2023, a project was given almost $350,000 to translate the thesaurus of LGBT terms — the “Homosaurus” — into Spanish.


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News Report: Exporting LGBT Agenda

The government handed out $1.4 million to Boston College to research “mechanisms of health promotion in diverse youth through gay-straight alliances,” which reportedly paid for “the promotion of gay-straight alliance clubs in Massachusetts middle and high schools.” A Department of Education grant of nearly $1.6 million was supplied for North Dakota’s “indigenous, LGBTQIA+, rural and underserved school-based mental health needs.” 

The U.S. government has issued more than 1,100 grants to support LGBT-promoting projects worldwide.

International examples included $500,000 to the group Grupa Izadji and $1 million to the Pink Human Rights Defender. The former is a Serbian group that was awarded for its proposal to encourage “diversity, equity, and inclusion in Serbia’s workplaces and business communities by promoting economic empowerment of and opportunity for LGBTQI+ people in Serbia.” The latter is an Armenian group that was given taxpayer dollars “to empower the LGBTI community” in Armenia. 

An award of $1 million also went to an American group called Outright Action, which promotes the pro-gay agenda in countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Ukraine, the Philippines, Iran and China.

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