Washington Post Attacks Nobel Laureate — By: Church Militant


When it comes to the climate, it’s proven to be a very useful tool for the promotion of the communist agenda, perhaps even more so than the illegal immigration issue has been. The reason why is that immigration is essentially a U.S.-only issue, while climate alarmism has been ginned up to be a worldwide issue.

It is two separate lines of attack ultimately aimed at destabilizing the republic, of course, but the climate cause has diverted trillions of U.S. tax dollars into the pockets of globalists and their agenda, with no end in sight. These people are enemies of the republic, both foreign and domestic.

And in their push to end America, they have employed a dizzying array of weapons, with one of the major ones being the two-sided coin of propaganda and censorship. The censorship of scientists who challenge the communist narrative is pretty well attested to — even so far as attacking and canceling a Nobel prize winner, Dr. John Clauser, who was a featured presenter at this week’s Deposit of Faith Coalition press conference in Baltimore.

Of course, the Marxist media could not resist taking a pot shot at Clauser. In this, it was the Washington Post who attended the press conference and went on to publish this headline: “He won a Nobel Prize. Then he started denying climate change.”

In their push to end America, they have employed a dizzying array of weapons.

The threat to the republic was spelled out in pretty clear terms by award-winning international journalist Alex Newman of Liberty Sentinel, who has been following this topic up close and personal for many years. Of course, whenever there is a some kind of Marxist, communist, globalist push going on, you can count on key people in the hierarchy to be cheerleading the effort, all in the name of social justice and “loving your neighbor,” of course.

That aspect or dynamic of all this has not escaped the careful watch of Mark Morano, who has done a terrific job of cataloging it for many years.

Before continuing, we’d like to thank the many many supporters who donated to make all of this come together. You are the people ultimately responsible for the success of such efforts because without your backing, they just don’t happen. We can sit here in the studio day after day with all kinds of ideas and plans and schemes, but if you don’t agree with them and back them and give them the necessary juice, they go nowhere.

So for everyone in the Deposit of Faith Coalition, of which Church Militant is, of course, a member, our deep gratitude. The average Joe still doesn’t get the war that is going on, a war the Queen of Heaven came to earth to warn us of. In 2,000 years, she has never come to earth to warn about a specific form of government, until 1917 in Fatima, a mere couple of weeks before the Russian Revolution.

Talk about “let him who has ears, hear”!

Climate change, illegal immigration, wiping out the family, undermining the republic, wrecking the economy and a host of things are all different facets of the same ugly jewel. Like all wars, this one has many different battles and battlefields, and they are all part of the one single large effort.

They’ve been at this for over a century, and we are very far behind, perhaps too far behind. That remains to be seen, but in the meantime, that doesn’t make the war, or all of these many individual battles, any less worth fighting. It actually makes them more worth it.

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