Why Are the Bishops in Lockstep With Democrat Censorship? — By: Church Militant


Next week is the big press conference in Baltimore during the bishops’ annual meeting there, blowing the lid off the phony science surrounding environmental alarmism and its economy-devastating consequences.

It’s hosted by the Deposit of Faith Coalition, and it’s built on a strategy of going around the media censorship of the bishops, the religious Left and the major Marxist media outlets and going straight to the burgeoning politically conservative media with expert information.

And for Catholics, the concern is not just the false claims being made, deceitful as they are, but also that the U.S. bishops are in total lockstep with this nation-destroying Marxist agenda lying to you, pushing it from the pulpits in parishes and profiting by collecting money to fight so-called man-made environmental damage.

There are Judases, but the Faith itself remains.

Because Catholics, even good ones, have been and remain largely ignorant of the political process. And Catholic media, in every tribe, just don’t report any of this, at least in any substantive way. The ground war in the world of politics has largely been ceded to men and women of goodwill who are not Catholic, at least for the most part.

Some folks might say, “Hey, Church Militant, why are you allying with Protestants in this fight? Easy answer, because they at least see and understand the importance of not giving up any more ground in the battle for culture and politics. Catholics don’t, at least for the most part. Obviously, many Catholics who support Church Militant get it. But outside of a few pockets here or there, like us, Catholics have been AWOL in this war.

Many have failed to understand what has been going on in the Church for decades regarding the bishops’ alignment with the Marxist agenda of the Democrats. The bishops have been given a pass by the average Catholic, trusting way too much. And wicked men with miters have cashed in on that and have become, in a sense, the greatest enemies of the republic you never knew you had.

They push the entire agenda of the Party of Death — Obamacare, illegal immigration, climate alarmism, the Green New Deal and “health” issues — so much so that, as we said before, Ronald Reagan’s administration in the 1980s used to call the bishops the “Democratic party in robes.”

Even on the question of abortion, the bishops did draw a sort of dotted line there. But it’s so vague that most of the time they say nothing meaningful. To this day, the bishops, after tens of millions of innocent babies have been slaughtered in the womb, still have not taken up one national collection in support of pro-life work — not one!

It’s been faithful lay Catholics who have led on this issue, not them. Disgraceful. I can’t imagine how they are going to try and explain that to the Judge when they see Him. Good Catholics who are politically astute need to grasp that — in the area of politics, culture and even the faith, oftentimes — the bishops are the enemies of the average believing Catholic.

And the entire Catholic establishment, what we here have dubbed “Catholic Inc.,” is totally down with all of this — covering for them, deflecting for them, censoring for them, you name it. Many of the leaders and luminaries of the Church have set themselves in opposition to you, your children, the faith and the nation. It’s just that simple.

Study it; grasp it; cry over it and then commit to fighting it. Just like we did here all those years ago. Allow me to ask this: If we were wrong in reporting what we have, even when the entire corrupt Catholic establishment was blackballing us, was our reporting wrong? So let’s ask the obvious question. Why wouldn’t good Catholics try to link arms with men and women of goodwill who are fighting the same political and cultural battles we are?

Of course, there are theological differences, duh. But there are greater theological differences with a majority of the hierarchy than there could ever be with these men of goodwill. At least they believe in objective truth, even if the implications of all that need to be spelled out more clearly.

Everywhere we go, even before Francis, Protestants we encounter ask us why the Church is so liberal. And frankly, who could blame them for drawing that conclusion? What they don’t understand — and have no way to understand it unless it’s explained to them by faithful Catholics — is that the leaders who are off the rails do not comprise the Church.

Unlike protestant congregations that do rise and fall on their individual pastors, Christ is the supreme pastor of the Catholic Church, and it cannot fall. Like Good Friday, it can go through very dark times, but 2,000 years later, we’re still here. And here’s the point: We always will be. There are Judases, but the Faith itself remains. 

So working on these cultural and political battles presents a chance to actually evangelize men and women of goodwill to help them get their arms around what many Catholics fail to do or don’t care to — that the teachings of Christ are being betrayed and sold out for the modern-day version of 30 pieces of silver.

When you think about it, it’s actually not that hard of a concept to grasp, at least from the 60,000-foot level. It’s when you get into the weeds that things need breaking down and going over. And on that score, may we ask, in all sincerity and humility, who do you trust more than Church Militant to open up these discussions with men and women of goodwill?

Church Militant has been in this foxhole fighting for going on 20 years and has been appalled at the lack of support for the truth of the situation from among Catholics, even those who style themselves as faithful. Their first order business has been to protect their own turf, their own investments, their own agenda, worrying about how this bishop or that parish might come after them and retaliate if they went all in. And guess what? Yep, they are going to come after you and torch you in every possible way, so at least your instincts are good.

They’re welcome in this foxhole any day.

But you operate out of fear, and you might as well raise the surrender flag immediately because you’re going to eventually. The entire point of what we do here is the salvation of souls, trying to convert or strengthen men of goodwill. Here, we have a golden opportunity to show fellow baptized, although not formally Catholic, people what the real faith is, to answer their honest and frankly very logical questions. Plus, we get to fight for the future with these folks who actually care about it. They’re welcome in this foxhole any day.

Since many of them are attending the Baltimore press conference, please consider once again making a donation to support that effort. It’s a big undertaking, but you got to do what you got to do.

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