Cardinal Advocates Blessings for Homosexual Couples — By: Church Militant

ANAHEIM, Calif. ( – A leading U.S. cardinal has voiced support for blessing same-sex couples, attributing opposition largely to anti-LGBT sentiment. 

Cdl. Robert McElroy

Speaking at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, San Diego’s Cdl. Robert McElroy opined that such opposition often overlooks the broader scope of the Vatican’s directive aimed at inclusivity and pastoral care.

“It is particularly distressing in our own country that the opposition to Fiducia focuses overwhelmingly on blessing those in same-sex relationships, rather than those many more men and women who are in heterosexual relationships that are not ecclesially valid,” he surmised. 

On Dec. 18, the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith issued Fiducia Supplicans, a document allowing priests to bless couples in objectively sinful relationships such as homosexual partnerships. McElroy highlighted that this guidance seeks to clarify the Church’s stance on providing pastoral blessings without altering its doctrine on marriage.

“It is crucial to emphasize that Fiducia simply clarified questions about the permissibility of a priest pastorally blessing persons in irregular or gay unions in a non-liturgical setting and manner,” he said. “No change in doctrine was made.”

Opposition to Fiducia focuses overwhelmingly on blessing those in same-sex relationships.

Despite the allowance, McElroy acknowledged that priests might opt out of performing these blessings if they believe doing so could undermine the institution of marriage. He stressed, however, that the primary concern should not solely focus on same-sex unions but also include heterosexual relationships not recognized by the Church.

Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

“If the reason for opposing such blessings is really that the practice will blur and undermine the commitment to marriage, then the opposition should, one thinks, be focusing at least equally on blessings for these heterosexual relationships in our country,” he reasoned. 

“We all know why it is not,” McElroy added, claiming it is due to “an enduring animus among far too many toward LGBT persons.”

McElroy’s advocacy for the blessing of homosexual and other irregular unions under the guise of inclusivity and pastoral care presents a clear pivot from traditional Church teachings. 

While he positions his stance as an effort towards greater inclusivity within the Church, critics argue that it veers dangerously close to conflating doctrinal flexibility with doctrinal dilution. 

Critics also point out that McElroy’s recent comments on Fiducia Supplicans are consistent with his history of supporting progressive causes, from climate change advocacy to the acceptance of homosexual acts. 

For instance, in 2019, he emphasized the importance of addressing climate change. And in 2020, he suggested that climate change was responsible for more deaths than abortion. 

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