Financial Woes for Thee, Not for Me — By: Church Militant

Many Americans are suffering as six out of 10 are now living paycheck to paycheck under the Biden administration. Meanwhile, the U.S. bishops continue to enrich themselves by supporting Democratic policies that financially and psychologically stress the average American. 

Joe Biden’s policies are stressing Americans 

The financial stress of Americans from every demographic group has reached the highest level since 2008, according to the IBD/TIPP Financial Stress Index. Introduced in December 2007, the Index gauges Americans’ anxieties regarding bill payments and overall financial stability.

Past Presidencies

In comparison to all previous presidencies since the IBD/TIPP Financial Stress Index was established, the Biden presidency accounts for the highest level of financial stress among Americans. Donald Trump’s presidency accounted for the lowest level of financial stress since the index was established.

Bishops, as a whole, have remained silent on the plight of their respective flocks.

A higher score on the index, which uses a scale from 0 to 100, indicates intensified stress, with 50.0 marking a neutral sentiment.

Here are the scores:

Joe Biden’s term: 65.6
Barack Obama’s first term: 61.1
Obama’s second term: 57.7
Trump’s term: 54.4

Stress Factors

Multiple factors are exacerbating financial stress among Americans. 

There is a noticeable impact of so-called Bidenflation, with the Index reporting an inflation rate of 16.7%. The burden of rising living costs is palpable, as 60% of the population find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. 

Adding to the economic pressure, gasoline prices have soared past the $3.50 per gallon mark in some areas. 

News Report: Economy Drowning Americans

The reintroduction of student loan repayments, coupled with concerns about government spending, are further amplifying anxieties. 

Further intensifying the financial unease are the Federal Reserve’s decisions to hike rates, the geopolitical tensions arising from the Russia-Ukraine conflict and widespread disapproval of President Biden’s economic strategies.

A recent survey by Forbes Advisor revealed Americans’ financial stress resulted in 48% having sleep issues, 40% feeling more anxious, 38% reducing social activities and 34% facing depression. 

Bishops’ Billions

While the average American continues to suffer financially and psychologically under a Democratic presidency, the bishops, as a whole, have remained silent on the plight of their respective flocks. Instead, many have continued to peddle Democratic talking points focused on open borders and climate change

Over the past 15 years, Catholic agencies received an exponential increase in federal immigration funding, accumulating over $3 billion since 2008. Catholic Charities USA obtained most of that — an astonishing $1.86 billion.

Individual prelates have either directly or tacitly supported Biden.

The second largest recipient of federal immigration funding was the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which garnered $422 million of the total during that same time frame. It acted as a primary distributor, receiving $1.113 billion in direct federal funding and allocating $743 million to other groups. This made the USCCB a major funding conduit in this sector.

The Deposit of Faith Coalition, led by Church Militant
CEO Michael Voris (standing) held a press conference to
expose U.S. bishops’ “America last” agenda

This past summer, a dozen conservative religious organizations, calling itself the Deposit of Faith Coalition, blew the whistle on U.S. bishops for their role in advancing Democrats’ open-border, “America last” agenda while enriching themselves and their subcontracted agencies with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Supporting Scandal

The bishops as a whole treat Joe Biden with kid gloves even though he opposes Catholic teaching at almost every turn while claiming to be a devout Catholic. 

When fake-Catholic Biden was inaugurated, the USCCB celebrated Biden’s Catholicism. The then-president of the USCCB, Abp. José Gomez, wrote, “In a time of growing and aggressive secularism in American culture, it will be refreshing to engage with a President who understands the importance of religious faith and institutions.”

The Ripple Effect: Deposit of Faith Coalition’s Fight for Transparency

Still, the USCCB highlighted in a statement its fears over Biden’s heretical policy positions:

[O]ur new president has pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity, most seriously in the areas of abortion, contraception, marriage and gender. Of deep concern is the liberty of the Church and the freedom of believers to live according to their consciences.

Despite seeing many of these policy predictions materialize during Biden’s administration, bishops as a whole have largely remained silent while individual prelates have either directly or tacitly supported Biden. They even worked in 2021 to avoid a conversation about enforcing the Church’s law (canon 915), which requires barring Biden and his ilk from Holy Communion for their public and scandalous anti-Catholic positions

To date, while Bidenomics is causing the average American to live paycheck to paycheck, the self-identifying Catholic behind the destruction is free to receive Holy Communion with the approval of the American bishops as a whole.

— Campaign 31877 —

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