Pelosi attacks Abp. Cordileone over opposition to abortion, same-sex ‘marriage,’ calls for women priests

The former Democratic House Speaker slandered Abp. Cordileone and discussed her attraction to the ‘power’ of the priesthood at a Georgetown University event.

During a recent event at the Jesuit-run Georgetown University, self-professed “Catholic” Rep. Nancy Pelosi picked back up her fight with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and expressed support for the idea of women priests.

At a Thursday forum put on by Georgetown’s Center on Faith and Justice, the pro-abortion former Speaker of the House bizarrely claimed that her political advocacy is “pro-life,” relying on a sort of “seamless garment” argument that elevates issues like homelessness and immigration to the moral equivalency of abortion.

Similarly, Pelosi claimed that bishops like Cordileone, the Archbishop of San Francisco, are “willing to abandon the bulk” of Catholic social teaching by allegedly focusing on abortion at the expense of other issues. (Read More Here)