Americans Think Another Civil War Is Imminent — By: Church Militant


America is breaking apart. In some respects, it already has. 

People are fleeing blue states at an increasing rate and taking up residence in red states. That often means leaving family, jobs and comfort behind. They don’t want their children being raised in a tyrannical environment where immorality and corruption are exalted as goods, so, as has happened throughout human history, they flee.

The entire American experience, in fact, is predicated on that very reality — from the War of Independence to the waves of mostly Catholic immigrants a century or so later, normal average people wanting to be left alone to live their lives and raise their families in decency and honesty, not threatened with tyranny and all its associated limits on freedom (its phony justice system, prison and even executions).

Pushed far enough and inspired by protecting those they love, people start shooting at some point. That’s why the findings of not one but two recent public surveys are so telling, that near majorities, 43% and 46%, believe there will be a civil war in the United States within the next 10 years.

Personally, given the trajectory, I don’t believe it will be that long — again, if affairs continue at this pace. But that’s just my personal opinion. People will only take so much for so long, especially when their children are in harm’s way. But before the blood potentially flows, other avenues must be pursued. Whether they will be fruitful remains to be seen, and it is the proverbial case of crossing that bridge when we come to it.

Near majorities believe there will be a civil war in the United States within the next 10 years.

Maybe we have already come to it, but, then again, maybe not. But as long as that remains in question, and it does, every other possible avenue must be vetted and attempted. Maybe some states begin serious secession movements. Perhaps red states prevent newly arrived citizens from blue states from voting in state elections. Perhaps the mass immigration really taking hold will simply settle the matter all on its own.

Who knows? Gazing into the future and making precise predictions is a very tricky business and oftentimes has bad unforeseen consequences. That’s why it’s best to deal with exactly what you have in front of you and know about. 

In this great developing American divide, which shows no let up at all, what we know is that much of it has been caused by lies from Marxist ideology spewed into the cultural and political environment by the Democratic Party. Large sectors of the Republican Party have sat back and let all this happen, of course, unwilling to defend against the onslaught. But let’s lay the cards on the table: It is the Democratic Party that has engineered this chaos because it is communist these days.

So what’s going on here is very akin to large numbers of East Berliners fleeing into West Berlin as the commies were constructing the infamous Berlin Wall. Many Americans in blue states rightly or wrongly perceive the same type of danger, and they are getting out, opting to move.

So two different nations are beginning to emerge here. And while not formal, of course, at least yet, the basis for that, the groundwork, is just happening. The problem, however, among a multitude, is the ideology that dominates in individual blue states is the same ideology that dominates in Washington, D.C., on a federal level. 

That in fact is the crux of the problem and is driving the emerging question of secession. You can pack up your family and leave a blue state, but you can’t “leave” a blue D.C. Hence, the increasing tilt of a near majority of Americans who look down the road and see a civil war on the horizon.

If Washington is not changed and changed dramatically, and soon, then the options on the table suddenly become far fewer. The most dominant way the D.C. communists, and that is what they are, have controlled citizens is through their propaganda, spewed out of every major Marxist media ally they have, as well as friendly federal judges and social media and giant tech firms.

They understand that information is king because it has the ability to change everything. Indeed, that is how they changed everything — by getting control of the media.

It’s why the alternative media sprung up, even in the Church, like Church Militant. And it’s the same reason the messaging from all of us is culled, canceled and censored, to prevent you from knowing the truth so that you will stay good little sheep, shut up and go along. Communists love a complacent culture.

But deep in the human spirit is a longing for freedom, for self-determination, for entrepreneurship, for building and creating a better life. Communists detest that. They mean to stamp it out, and anyone who advocates for that is labeled an “enemy of the State,” and in the case of the Church, an “implicit” enemy, to be canceled as well.

Information needs to be put into your hands that these tyrants — in government, Giant Tech, big social media, corrupt bishops — do everything they can to prevent you from knowing.

So we are happy to announce we are rolling out our newly redesigned Church Militant app, which you need to download to your phone, Android or iPhone, right now to start getting notifications from us where we draw your attention to breaking news or various stories we think you should know about in real time.

They understand that information is king.

A host of policy and agenda items the Left constantly labels as “disinformation” are actually extremely Catholic positions, and we report on these each day here. They involve the advancement of fundamental principles of God-given human dignity, and you need to know about all of this.

Ultimately, the role of any news media outlet is to bring you the truth of what’s going on so you can be the instrument of change. But it’s hard to get info to you when those who control various sites are censoring the info and canceling the outfits.

The Church Militant app provides an end run around that cancelation and puts the truth straight into your hands via your phone. It’s power, literally in your hands, because truth is power, the most powerful power there is. So please go to your app store on your phone and search for Church Militant and install our brand new shiny app so you can be up to date on everything as it happens.

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This is one of our Church Militant contributions to fighting back against the censorship-industrial complex — pushing back, going on the offensive.

Every day, as I’ve said earlier, multiple times a day, my own phone goes off with alerts from multiple media outlets with this story or that. I have their apps on my phone. I have it set for the bad guys as well as the good, because in our day to day here, we need to know what the bad guys are saying so we can combat it.

So please go to your phone’s app store right now, as soon as this Vortex is over, search for Church Militant and download the app. Then we are in direct contact with you, skipping right over the censorship-industrial complex and can put vital info, the truth, straight into your hands.

Please go download the app right now and let’s get this rolling.

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