‘Catholic Charities Has Engaged in Criminal Activity’ — Stew Peters — By: Church Militant


As Church Militant continues hammering on the U.S. bishops’ full-throated support for policies that undermine both the republic and the Church, word is really starting to get out. Last week in D.C., we had private discussions with various people on Capitol Hill about not just the illegal immigration issue the bishops are completely down with, but also their support for the economically unsound agenda of rabid environmentalism which is chock-full of phony science and economic destruction for the nation.

The claim that man changes the weather is totally unfounded scientifically, but with the Marxist control of every major institution, it is virtually accepted as scientific fact. It is not. On Tuesday, Nov. 14, in Baltimore, Church Militant, along with our other partners in the Deposit of Faith Coalition, will be holding another press conference like we did in D.C. in July. This time, the topic is on challenging the phony claims about the environment.

Our last press event on illegal immigration garnered more than 25 million impressions from politically conservative media outlets who attended and reported the story, and then others who later picked up the story (including The Epoch Times, Media Research Center and PJ Media). Steve Bannon as well as Info Wars were also happy to talk about the effort of the coalition in advance.

The bishops pull down all kinds of tax money and incentives pushing part of the Marxist agenda.

So we’d like to ask for your help in financing this important event. Catholic media outlets never report on this political connection, with the bishops helping to undermine the nation by supporting the Democrat–communist agenda.

Likewise, just as with immigration, the bishops pull down all kinds of tax money and incentives pushing part of the Marxist agenda as well. Appearing on stage and presenting to the media the Deposit of Faith Coalition will be Nobel laureate Dr. John Clowser, who will show why all of this is a total scam and phony science.

Likewise, another presenter to the media will be award-winning international journalist Alex Newman, who will discuss the weaponization of religion to push scientific alarmism.

So please click on the provided link to make whatever donation you can. We are gaining the momentum and cannot let up.

And if you doubt for an instant that Church Militant is not the leader in spearheading pushback and change against a corrupt hierarchy complicit in the phony environment claims, as well as the horrors of illegal immigration, just look for yourself at how the powerhouse politically conservative media are starting to pay attention to our message.

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