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Now, little by little and, occasionally, like November three years ago, big by big, the Left advances relentlessly. And by “the Left,” we mean specifically communism. It goes by those multiple names of “globalism,” “socialism,” “Marxism” — call it whatever you want, but, in the end, it’s communism.

And the latest showpiece for them? Poland. Yep, Catholic Poland, quickly on its way to becoming formerly Catholic Poland.

When John Paul was elected in 1978, almost the entire nation identified as Catholic, over 95%. But that was then, almost half a century ago, while the nation was subjected to forced communism by the Kremlin and its puppet regime in Warsaw. Today, that number has dipped significantly, to just 70%. 

And while that’s obviously a majority, you’ve got to wonder, based on this past Sunday’s election results for the Polish Parliament, if there’s a case of nominal Catholicism there, like all other formerly Catholic populations in multiple countries.

The election results, which are still rolling in, indicate a measurable move away from conservative politics — a definitive shifting to the left. Remember, unlike here in the United States, the parliamentary system largely relies on more than just two parties forming coalitions to seize a majority-type control. So while one party, in this case the Conservative Law and Justice Party, did get a plurality of votes, the most cast for any single party, it did not get the majority.

When you add together all the nonconservative, meaning left-leaning, meaning pro-socialist, that coalition won the majority of seats. And that is a political earthquake in Poland. Yes, they will have policy differences among themselves, just like the Democrats here in the United States do, but make no mistake, they are in lockstep when in comes to their worldviews. What divides them is tactics, not ideology.

The communist movement has made itself as clear as any force in history that its goal is world domination.

And once all the dust has settled in Poland, as the parties jockey for power, what will emerge is a ruling coalition of the Left? It may not be a giant ruling power — yet. But it’s heading that way. In fact, it was best summed up over the weekend by the leaders of the New Left, who said, “There can be no government without the left wing. … A political party exists in order to win power and, by exercising power, to turn its dreams into reality.”

Are you listening, my fellow Americans? Even in Poland, what may now need to be considered formerly Catholic Poland, the commies are on the march. Talk about not learning from history. One of Warsaw’s mottos under communist occupation was “In the name of God, for our freedom and yours.” What is it now, “For the commie globalists and their godless world domination”?

When Joseph Stalin took control of Poland after World War II, it was through brutality and international political cooperation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Poland went through a post-communist period, but, true to form, they’ve come back. None of the previous Marxist overlords were put on public trial and executed for their crimes of subjugation of a people, even if it was their own people. See — the communists never actually went away. It was the Soviet Union that collapsed, not worldwide communism.

That merely morphed and injected itself into the political fray, running as such things as so-called Green Parties in various countries in Europe. Here in the United States, they invaded the Democratic Party and used our system to seize control, just as they are doing now in Poland.

Of course, what Catholics should be primarily concerned about is the soon-to-be threat to the faithful. We shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that it will be some splendid romantic period of great numbers of martyrs, at least not proportionately.

The martyrs of the Roman persecutions were the exception, not the rule. In fact, whenever the people are faced with a choice, they almost always vote to save their own butts first, so they go along. Just look at Reformation England if you need a case example. Not only did the people fold under the persecution of Henry and, eventually, Elizabeth, his daughter; the entire exodus of apostasy was led by the bishops.

Sound familiar?

The communist movement has made itself as clear as any force in history that its goal is world domination through democratically elected governments’ political processes. Once you vote them in, as the saying goes, the only way out is to shoot your way out.

It’s as clear as crystal that the world is careening toward something huge, colossal. There are simply too many forces all converging for something foundation-altering not to happen. You can feel it in your bones.

Unfortunately, just as with the English Reformation, too many Catholic clergy have been a part of this forming hurricane, leading countless laity with them. In many countries, in fact, including America and Poland, the Church has been the primary target of the commies, first corrupting the moral life of Catholics and now their sense of social justice. Exit polls from Poland reveal that huge numbers voted for the Left because they promised “economic justice” for the elderly and so forth.

It’s the same playbook in country after country with these commies — free everything to get power, then let the killings begin.

America, of course, has an election in slightly more than a year. It’s time for us to all hold our collective breath and really start praying, because if this one is lost, it’s game over.

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