Connecting the Vatican’s Climate Change Dots — By: Church Militant


While a lot of attention has been focused on Pope Francis and his pro-globalist climate alarmism, it might be good to step back and look at the Vatican’s history in this area.

Back in 2007, under Pope Benedict, not Pope Francis, the Vatican signed a deal to offset its carbon emissions output by planting a forest in Hungary. They went worldwide because the Vatican, which besides being the physical center of the Church, is also the world’s smallest country and was signing up to be the world’s first so-called carbon-neutral nation.

Much ballyhoo surrounded the photo op when the developer of the company to plant the forest presented the certificate of award to curial Cdl. Paul Poupard on July 5, 2007. The Vatican was about to make history and was advancing the nonsense of climate alarmism.

The green economy is phony because the science behind it is phony.

A couple of years later, when Benedict was still pope, the entire roof of the Vatican’s Paul VI auditorium was covered in solar panels to offset carbon emissions for the world’s tiniest country. The panels were donated by a German company, SolarWorld — which was fitting because Benedict was German — who said the offset would save 70 tons of carbon emissions.

The press release did not contain any information about how much carbon was pumped into the atmosphere in the harvesting of the raw materials to make the panels, nor the actual manufacturing of them, nor the transportation of them to Rome.  And in ten years, when the panels have reached the end of their useful lives and have to be torn off and thrown away, no word on which landfill the 2,800 panels would find their way to. Such much for caring for the environment.

All that mattered was that the Vatican had been willingly enlisted as a publicity partner with its solar energy commitment and its brand new shiny carbon-offsetting forest, which, by the way, turns out was never planted because the company that said it would; it just never did. Nice photo op but no trees.

The scientific tribalism surrounding the climate narrative has turned out to be a pretty big business, especially when you toss in billions and billions of dollars in government subsidies. But even with those tens of billions of dollars of your money to boost them up, corporations across the country and the world are throwing in the towel on the facade of a so-called green economy because it’s losing massive amounts of money for them.

The market for electric vehicles has collapsed, as Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and Honda have now discovered. Dealers can’t sell them because consumers don’t want them. Ford had so many 2023 EVs sitting around because dealers refused shipment that they have simply rebranded the supply as 2024 models and will try to offload them on consumers that way.

Over in the windmill sector of the green economy, it’s the same story, as company after company sees its profits crater, stocks fall and bank accounts drain. One Danish company has lost nearly $6 billion and multiple planned windmill farms are being canceled left and right.

And when it comes to the solar panel industry, remember the German company that installed them on the roof of the Vatican auditorium? It went belly up in 2017 because of what it said was “ongoing price distortions” that prevented a “positive forecast for the future.”

Of course, warning signs were everywhere before the collapse. The year after the panels went into the Vatican “America last” mastermind Barack Obama had his administration direct a half billion dollars of your money to a solar panel company called Solyndra. Just two years later, in 2011, it went belly up. So much for your money and Obama’s little pet project.

Obama’s Solyndra scandal, as it came to be called, was only the first in a string of such bankruptcies, which became so bad for irresponsibly directing tens of billions of dollars into an ideologically driven industry that even CNN got in on the action, blasting Obama.

And so it goes all over the Green New Deal world of the socialists in D.C. who have diverted hundreds and hundreds of billions and billions in U.S. tax money into an industry that is collapsing, an industry not propped up because of science but ideology.

As reality begins to set in, the chairman of Toyota began to politely rub it in the faces of automotive competitors a short while ago. This was when he said publicly about their massive losses that “people are finally seeing reality,” which is Japanese for “I told you so.” The green economy is phony because the science behind it is phony.

The communists in D.C. and other countries around the world should probably understand how capitalism actually works before stealing tens of billions in tax money to blow it up.

And just for curiosity, in ten years, just what company is the Vatican going to call to remove those useless solar panels, and what are they going to replace them with? Still, though, reality does not seem to have set in with Pope Francis and the U.S. bishops, as they all continue cheerleading the ridiculousness that is climate alarmism. Governments feed the nuttiness with your taxes and clerics feed the nuttiness with your collection plate donations.

We suppose that as long as you live on and spend other people’s money, you can duck reality as long as you want. All of this needs to be exposed and to do that, Church Militant is once again happy to organize our Deposit of Faith Coalition members in sponsoring another press conference for politically conservative media so they can understand the connection here.

Presenting to the media on Tuesday, Nov. 14, which will be at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore during the bishops’ annual meeting, will be a number of the most highly respected experts ever assembled. John Clauser, the 2022 Nobel Prize winner in physics, will debunk the phony science behind all this.

Marc Morano, producer, writer and former investigative reporter for Rush Limbaugh, who’ll blow the lid off the plot to collapse America’s energy, transportation and food supply.

And Alex Newman, an award-winning international journalist who has covered this topic and the misinformation from the Left about it for years. Think Greta Thunberg and the media canonization of her.

The press conference will be available for everyone at home to watch live beginning at 1 p.m. ET on Nov. 14. Please tell everyone you know. Spread the word. As the bishops meet and plot in the Marriott, directly across the street at the exact same time, we will be broadcasting their lies with a Nobel Prize winner and respected journalist experts in all this.

Warning signs were everywhere before the collapse.

So we’d like to appeal to you to help pay for all of this. It costs a lot of money to plan and execute an event like this, but it’s worth it. The last press conference we sponsored in July in D.C. about illegal immigration garnered more than 25 million media impressions, as outlet after outlet kept publishing info. 

The goal of course is to create such an overwhelming amount of information to encourage various members of Congress to cut off the bishops funding for all of this. Well, here we go again. Cut off all funding for them, all of it. Every last dime. Whatever policy of the communists they are pushing, immigration or climate.

So please click on the donate button just below us here and be the heroes, the impetus in launching another broadside against this corruption. Fight back!

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