Dissidents Sign Anti-Censorship Declaration — By: Church Militant


So just how bad has censorship and “cancel culture” gotten? Well, imagine a scene where a gang from all over the ideological spectrum come together to say it’s got to end. People as divergent as Oliver Stone, Jordan Peterson, Julian Assange, Richard Dawkins, John Cleese and Tim Robbins are all joining arms and calling for it to stop.

Well, no need to imagine, because that’s exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago. Those notables and another 130 high-powered leaders joined in signing the Westminster Declaration, a document calling for an end to the censorship madness because of its threat to democracy.

And at whom is the declaration aimed? Joe Biden, specifically, for his largely successful attempts to enlist Facebook and all the rest of them in censoring the legal free-speech opinions of ordinary Americans about hot-button issues of the day. To their credit, even celebrated liberals among them are saying enough is enough — so much so that they put their signatures on the document.

And when you get as wide a variance as Jordan Peterson and Tim Robbins, each in agreement that there’s a big problem, then there’s a big problem. Shouldn’t be too long now before they are being censored, refused movie roles, canceled from college speaking engagements and so forth. As two of the signatories aptly dubbed this the “censorship industrial complex,” it has reached unbelievable heights. And, of course, it’s all brought to you by the communist Democrats.

Even celebrated liberals are saying enough is enough.

They assemble teams of “experts” from among themselves and then announce what is “misinformation” or “disinformation.” And those labels extend across every group and touch on every subject — and the signatories are fed up, even the really liberal ones. Give them credit for at least standing up to their own social media warlords.

One important line from the declaration was, “This weaponization has resulted in the censorship of ordinary people, journalists, and dissidents in countries all over the world. … Across the globe, government actors, social media companies, universities, and NGOs are increasingly working to monitor citizens and rob them of their voices.” Imagine Tim Robbins signing on to that. But it’s gotten that bad folks. And remember, they signed this, made a big public splash and sent it to Biden, publicly.

If that doesn’t tell how big the problem is, nothing will. His own supporters telling Ol’ Brain Dead to back off.

Of course, we all know it’s not good old Uncle Joe but his masters who want free speech squelched. That’s what commies and other tyrants do to lock down power. They silence you. We here at Church Militant are keenly, very keenly, aware of this because we have been a victim of this multiple times over, even having to go to court in Baltimore to simply exercise our First Amendment right to free speech, suing and winning the right to hold our rally against bishops’ cover-up of child sex abuse. 

Imagine a city wanting that message to not get out, that bishops need to be exposed for their crimes. Total clown world. There are all sorts of things we cannot put on a famous leading video platform because it will get us punished, and there are many things that need to be put out there. Prior to the Elon era at X, formerly Twitter, we routinely got throttled back, as in censored. The claims about disinformation are in fact disinformation in and of itself. So those of us on this side of war need to be creative — because Joe Biden and his gang are not going to stop, regardless of a declaration signed by lefties as well as conservatives.

The only measurable effect their Westminster Declaration will have is to reinforce the truth that the censorship industrial complex rules the day. Most of us already knew that, especially those like Church Militant, who are at its mercy every day.

So we are happy to announce we are rolling out our newly redesigned Church Militant app, which you need to download to your phone, Android or iPhone, right now to start getting notifications from us where we draw your attention to breaking news or various stories we think you should know about in real time.

A host of policy and agenda items the Left constantly labels as “disinformation” are actually extremely Catholic positions, and we report on these each day here. They involve the advancement of fundamental principles of God-given human dignity, and you need to know about all of this.

Ultimately, the role of any news media outlet is to bring you the truth of what’s going on so you can be the instrument of change. But it’s hard to get info to you when those who control various sites are censoring the info and canceling the outfits.

The Church Militant app provides an end run around that cancelation and puts the truth straight into your hands via your phone. It’s power, literally in your hands, because truth is power, the most powerful power there is. So please go to your app store on your phone and search for Church Militant and install our brand new shiny app so you can be up to date on everything as it happens.

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The role of any news media outlet is to bring you the truth of what’s going on.

We are in a war; a long, dirty fight to the death; a no-holds-barred war; and in this phase of the war, information is king. That’s precisely why the elites cancel you, cancel us and so many others. They know that whoever controls the narrative wins.

This is our Church Militant contribution to fighting back against that — pushing back, going on the offensive. Every day, multiple times a day, my own phone goes off with alerts from multiple media outlets with this story or that. I have their apps on my phone.

I have it set for the bad guys as well as the good, because in our day-to-day here, we need to know what the bad guys are saying so we can combat it. So please go to your phone’s app store right now, as soon as this Vortex is over. Search for Church Militant and download the app.

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Thank you, and we’ll see over there on the app.

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