Human Traffickers Posing as Catholic Charities — By: Church Militant

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. ( — Republicans from Michigan to Washington are voicing concerns regarding Catholic Charities’ apparent involvement in the crisis at America’s southern border, which includes child sex-trafficking and national security risks.

Michigan Republican Party chairman Kristina Karamo highlighted some of those concerns about the U.S. bishops’ social justice arm during the 35th Biennial Republican Leadership Conference held on Sept. 22. 

While introducing actor Jim Caviezel at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, Karamo explained that, in addition to abortion, “another way children in this world are being sacrificed is through international child sex-trafficking.”

Drawing from her experience in 2022, Karamo reminisced about her visit to McAllen, Texas, where she directly witnessed the operations of drug cartels at the border.

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The Vortex: Karamo: Sex Traffickers Posing as Catholic Charities at Border

During her visit, Karamo engaged with locals who further shared their worries about child sex-trafficking. She would go on to describe such interactions:

When I was talking to people, the other thing they talked about were the children, the children who are being smuggled across the border, [and] how these organizations front as Catholic Charities — and they’re not Catholic Charities — they’re actually cartel front groups who then take these children and send them to the American pimps who will then sell them on the streets of our country.

“Our border is wide open, and so many people profit from it,” Karamo lamented.

During her address, Karamo articulated the feeling of urgency resonating among those gathered at the event, saying, “If we don’t protect our children, we don’t deserve anything.”

From Michigan to Washington

Republican members of Congress have likewise been casting a critical eye on Catholic Charities due to its immigration-related activities at the U.S.–Mexico border. 

One of those members is Texas congressman Lance Gooden, who has voiced dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s open-border stance, singling out Catholic Charities for criticism amid concerns over national security and government funding. 

He recently discussed the situation in an interview with Church Militant’s Michael Voris.

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The Vortex: Congress Going After Catholic Charities

“I took a trip to San Diego; it was a first stop of mine, and I encountered Catholic Charities among others,” Gooden explained. “They were encouraging in their actions regarding this open border and mass migration problem that we have.”

While one might argue the motives of certain organizations are pure, aiming to cater to anyone in need, the lawmaker expressed serious concerns.

Mass migration is something this country just cannot afford right now.

“As a United States citizen and a lawmaker, I’ve got a real problem with any activity that incentivizes bad activity,” Gooden continued. “Mass migration is something this country just cannot afford right now, not only financially, but from a security perspective,” he added. 

Church Militant reached out to Catholic Charities for comment on the accusations but received no response as of press time.

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