Is Catholic Charities Facilitating Sex-Trafficking at the Border? — By: Church Militant



I’m Michael Voris coming to you from Washington, D.C., where the U.S. bishops will very likely soon be experiencing a type of demand for accountability normally reserved to the Holy See.

The issue is the bishops’ communist-minded social justice agency, Catholic Charities, and its drawing down of billions in U.S. tax dollars to help undermine southern-border security and, of course, by extension, the entire republic. 

During Biden’s nearly three years in the White House, somewhere between 5 to 7 million — 5 to 7 million — illegal immigrants have swarmed across the border, and they’ve been assisted every step of the way by Catholic Charities.

What you’re seeing is exclusive Church Militant video of that very thing, with Catholic Charities organizing all of it. The U .S. bishops’ agency pretends their work is somehow about Church teaching and following the gospel mandate, but that’s just not true. It’s merely the cover story for refilling their coffers with billions in taxpayer money they lost in child sex abuse payouts. 

Add to that how Catholic Charities has been and continues to be led by extremely liberal so-called Catholics who have no love for the republic or the Church and you have a perfect storm. But now various members of Congress want Catholic Charities and other operations to get up here on Capitol Hill, under oath, and answer some very pointed questions.

So Church Militant has come here to D.C. to interview some of the leading members pushing for this accountability.

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