Karamo: Sex Traffickers Posing as Catholic Charities at Border — By: Church Militant



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Now, as we’ve covered repeatedly in multiple Vortex episodes, the communist path to power in Western democracies has been and is being accomplished through elections, which does contain within itself its own irony, since the goal of communism ultimately is to seize complete and total power and destroy fair elections in the process. But there is a backstage game going on, a clever disguise whereby first institutions were overrun, so minds could be controlled through propaganda, so they would vote for policies which made sense to the brainwashed.

Once a sufficient number of voters are compiled over a few decades — again, convinced by the propaganda that the Left loves and cares for them — the scales would tip, the Left would win majorities and then nothing would be left to stand in their way. That’s happening right now, as we sit here.

The propaganda machine, in high gear on college campuses and mainstream media networks throughout the nation for decades, has been inculcating in people’s minds a slew of false flags so they can create a narrative that death and destruction will shortly follow if their agenda is not implemented immediately.

Of course, the not-so-underlying theme is they must be elected to save the immigrant, save the poor, save the earth, and a host of others causes in which they cast themselves as noble “savior.” When it comes to saving the immigrant in particular, things are beginning to reveal themselves which upend their narrative about the southern border. And the challenge to their propaganda is not coming from the Republican establishment but from what you could style “new breed” Republicans, beholden much more to principles than party it seems.

The bishops are going to once again be found to be de facto on the side of the Left.

Yes, they will work within the party system but challenge the status quo of not really protecting citizens and the republic. Among the causes they have taken up is derailing the narrative of climate change being caused by man and, of course, protecting the borders. And on that score, a broadside offensive has begun over the topic of child sex trafficking and the complicity in it of the U.S. bishops’ anti-American policy of allowing millions of illegals unfettered entry.

The bishops have pulled down billions in taxpayer dollars specifically through their agency Catholic Charities. But now, the tie-in between the bishops’ agency and child sex-trafficking is being exposed. At the recent annual gathering of the state Republican Party on Michigan’s Mackinac Island, Kristina Karamo, chair of the party, laid it on the line about Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities and, by extension, the U.S. bishops, is coming under increasing scrutiny over this question of their collecting billions in tax dollars, supporting policies that undermine the same nation they are getting the tax dollars from.

And it’s not just in Michigan by new breed Republicans but on Capitol Hill as well, where a growing number of U.S. congressmen are demanding answers. With the U.S. House still in the throes of the debate and vote on the speakership position, this, along with all business, has been momentarily forestalled, but it won’t stay that way for long.

One of the first things on the agenda for multiple members of Congress once business resumes is grilling Catholic Charities and the bishops over this whole illegal immigration industry they have going on. And with the wild success of the box office blockbuster Sound of Freedom, you can bet that child sex-trafficking will also be on the docket. And as we all know, when it comes to child sex abuse, that is a topic the bishops do not want to have come up again.

The whole “save the immigrants” narrative of the Democrats is beginning to unravel, and when it does, the bishops are going to once again be found to be de facto on the side of the Left, undermining the republic, not to mention cashing in on the backs of children.

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