New Data Blows Up Climate Change Narrative — By: Church Militant


Well, well, well — what do you know? In a rather ironic twist to climate alarmism, new scientific findings are showing the more we clean up air pollution, the more global warming increases.

Talk about “can’t win for losing.” Quoting, from of all places, The New York Times last Friday, “This week, a team of scientists made public, data indicating that the planet is heating up even faster than expected. Among the factors cited by the researchers, who published their findings in the journal Nature Climate Change: lower levels of air pollution.” Continuing with the Times story, “Reducing air pollution in the coming years would remove the cooling influence by a larger amount — good for lungs, bad for global warming.”

Well, ain’t that a kick in the pants.

Of course, the Times, like all the major media, is all in on the Marxist messaging that man causes the changes in the climate, so this story is getting played as a kind of one-off, bad, unintended consequence exception to an overall good story.

The Times would never consider the alternative (not to mention true) story that man doesn’t cause the temps to rise (or fall, for that matter). Rather, nature does that all on its own, as it always has. History’s lengthy record shows all sorts of massive changes in climate, which were inadvertently noted down in relation to other stuff.

Man doesn’t cause the temps to rise.

For example, there were fruits grown in northern Europe that today we consider more tropical or warmer climate fruits — yet, there it is, in the ledgers of monasteries who were selling the fruit as a commercial venture to stay open. There is, of course, the great retreat of the Ice Age. How did that happen? Certainly not from fossil fuel plants 10,000 years ago, unless the cavemen were really much smarter than we give them credit for.

No, what’s at work here is a giant spin-machine narrative based on a little factual data about the earth’s temperature. Yes, the temps have increased, and even decreased. That’s a fact. The lie part comes in when they say that man is causing that to happen with his oil and gas and coal industries. That part is not true.

In fact, as we hear in the New York Times story, the exact opposite is going on. The more air pollution, the more global warming is dialed back, because the particulates clog the air, so to speak, and shield the earth to a degree from harmful solar radiation, keeping the temperatures down.

So which is it, commies? Is the fossil fuel industry good because it reduces the temps or bad because it causes pollution? It’s more like a “pick your poison” scenario, isn’t it? The truth is always so compelling on its own that even The New York Times can’t resist printing it every now and then (that is, mostly “then”).

But humor aside, the corruption of the scientific narrative around the weather is noteworthy because of what it’s used for, which is to advance the story line that fossil fuels are bad; that coal, oil, even natural gas and their continued use threatens man’s very existence on the planet.

That’s called an “existential threat” — meaning a threat to your very existence. And phony Catholic Joe Biden never grows tired of the expression. To him and his comrades, everything is an existential threat this or an existential threat that. Fear is what these commie bastards traffic in, and not just reasonable fear but always end-of-the-world fear, which allows them to sell the phony baloney line that everything must change now.

Of course, if there actually is a real threat and it is life-extinguishing, then that response is not altogether unwarranted. But none of this is true — none of it. It’s completely made up so they can run around, scream about the end of the world and throw papers everywhere. If they really believe all that, then why aren’t they row-boating their way across the oceans instead of jetting around on private planes that produce many times more carbon per person than the average commercial passenger?

And that includes the U.S. bishops, who will be in Baltimore next week and who campaign against climate change alongside the Marxist Left but completely ignore that many flew in on their fossil-fuel guzzling airlines and ride in giant SUVs to go to $100 a steak dinners.

It’s completely made up.

To help expose these errors, Church Militant is once again happy to organize our Deposit of Faith Coalition members in sponsoring another press conference for politically conservative media so they can understand the connection here.

Presenting to the media on Tuesday, Nov. 14, which will be at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore during the bishops’ annual meeting, will be a number of the most highly respected experts ever assembled, including:

John Clauser, 2022 Nobel Prize winner in physics, who will debunk the phony science behind all this
Marc Morano, producer, writer and former investigative reporter for Rush Limbaugh, who’ll blow the lid off the plot to collapse America’s energy, transportation and food supply
Alex Newman, award-winning international journalist who has covered this topic and the misinformation from the Left about it for years (think Greta Thunberg and the media canonization of her), and
Yours truly, a multiple-Emmy-award-winning investigative journalist — I’ll be presenting on the hierarchy’s complicity in all this.

The press conference will be available for everyone at home to watch live, beginning at 1 p.m. ET on Nov. 14. Please tell everyone you know. Spread the word.

Church Militant is leading the charge, hands down, with our Deposit of Faith Coalition, in trying to roll back at least the funding the bishops get in all of this unethical activity, be it immigration or, in this case, environmental alarmism based on phony science.

As you know, we were in D.C. last week, on the Hill, interviewing congressmen who have had it with the “America last” agenda supported by liberal U.S. bishops, and now, once again, we are taking the fight right to the bishops’ doorstep.

As the bishops meet in the Marriott, directly across the street, at the exact same time, we will be broadcasting with a Nobel Prize winner and respected journalist-experts in all this.

So we’d like to appeal to you to help pay for all of this. It’s extremely costly to travel the crew, the equipment, set it all up, rent the facilities, bring in the speakers as well as the three weeks of background research and man hours we have already put into this — and the hard work hasn’t even begun yet.

The last press conference we sponsored in July in D.C. garnered more than 25 million media impressions as outlet after outlet kept publishing info from the press event — even Steve Bannon and InfoWars picked it all up, like Stew Peters picked up our work last week on Capitol Hill.

Staffers in Congress told us that was extremely helpful for them in pitching their legislation to simply cut off funding for the bishops and Religious Left groups. Well, here we go again. Cut off all funding for them — all of it. Every last dime. Whatever policy of the communists they are pushing, immigration or climate.

So please click on the donate button just below us here and be the heroes, the impetus in launching another broadside against this corruption. Fight back!

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