Not Even Nobel Prize Winners Are Allowed to Question ‘The Science’ — By: Church Militant

BALTIMORE ( – A renowned physicist is spreading the “good news” that there is no climate crisis — a message some aren’t excited to hear.

Dr. John Clauser

Dr. John Clauser, a 2022 Nobel laureate, spoke on Tuesday in Baltimore about the misinformation currently dominating the scientific community regarding man-made climate change.

At the Deposit of Faith Coalition’s press conference, Clauser proclaimed, “As much as it may upset many people, my message is the planet is not in peril. I think this is good news. I believe there is no climate crisis.”

“The alleged atmospheric CO2 and methane have negligible effect on the climate. The policies [the U.S.] government has been implementing are totally unnecessary and should be eliminated, and trillions of dollars can be saved,” Clauser continued.

Dr. Clauser noted a critical issue that he feels torpedoes the dire prognostication by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — disagreement among its 40-plus computer models.

“I assert that the IPCC’s computer models have all misidentified the dominant process that controls the earth’s climate. They are based on incomplete and incorrect physics,” Clauser stated.

“I can very confidently assert, there is NO climate emergency.”
“As much as it may upset many people, my message is the planet is NOT in peril. … atmospheric CO2 and methane have negligible effect on the climate.
The policies…

— Robin Monotti (@robinmonotti) Nov. 16, 2023

The Nobel laureate introduced a concept he named the “cloud-sunlight-reflectivity thermostat mechanism,” which emphasizes the significant role of clouds in influencing Earth’s temperature. He stressed the importance of clouds, which reflect 90% of sunlight into space, and criticized the IPCC models for overlooking the temperature-stabilizing effect of this process.

Clauser further called for the termination of carbon-limiting measures, calling them “a terrible and dangerous waste of scarce money.” He noted that when that sentiment was privately communicated to President Joe Biden in the Oval Office last year, Biden allegedly responded, “Sounds like right-wing science.”

Clauser further called for the termination of carbon-limiting measures.

Soon after the conference, Clauser’s presentation drew criticism both online and in the scientific community. The Washington Post published an article Thursday claiming Clauser was veering from the “overwhelming scientific consensus.” According to the piece, “[Clauser’s] recent denial of global warming has alarmed top climate scientists, who warn that he is using his stature to mislead the public about a planetary emergency.”

Michael Mann, a climate scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, called the 2022 Nobel laureate’s argument “pure garbage” and “pseudoscience,” likening it to “the sort of error a freshman is embarrassed to be caught having made.” Andrew Dessler, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University, is quoted as telling the Post, “Clouds amplify warming.”


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The Vortex: Nobel Prize Winner Blows Up Climate Alarmism

Dessler went on, “The scientific community has spent the last century studying [climate change], and at this point, virtually everything that’s happening has been predicted. John Clauser and his ilk ignore this because they are not advancing serious scientific critiques.”

None of the predictions made by climate alarmists over the last 50 years have come to fruition.

Another speaker at Tuesday’s conference, Alex Newman, chronicled some of the doomsday predictions climate alarmists have put forth over the last 50 years, exposing the falsehoods of each one. Others have pointed out that none of the predictions made by climate alarmists over the last 50 years have come to fruition.

The Deposit of Faith Coalition, for which Clauser and Newman presented, involves religious and political conservatives partnering with scientists and climate experts to expose the fraud and misinformation that are weakening the American economy. The press conference called out Catholic bishops, who were meeting nearby as part of their fall Plenary Assembly, for advancing false climate narratives.

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