Bella Dodd and the Communist Infiltration of the Church — By: Church Militant


As the Soviet Union communists penetrated major institutions in the United States, including the Church, some of their espionage activities started coming to the surface. Many people are already familiar with the notorious case of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and their stealing of the atomic bomb secrets for the Soviets.

But that was specific government infiltration to get at military information to neutralize the United States’ atomic advantage. What was not as widely known was the deep penetration into other aspects of American life — specifically religion.

In sworn testimony before the U.S. Congress in 1953, former communist (turned Catholic revert) Bella Dodd broadly outlined the Soviet plan for working with Catholics:

At different times in the history of the Communist Party, they emphasized the fact that it was possible for you to be religious and, at the same time, communist. But those were the periods in which they were trying to win over larger numbers of, let’s say, Catholic trade-unionists, Catholic workers, and so forth and so on. Those were the periods which were called the periods of extending the hand of communism to the people in the religious groups. What you did was to say substantially this: ‘These men have a blind spot. They believe in God, but we communists know that there is no God. But in order to get them to work with us, we will work with them on a minimum program.’ As a matter of fact, even when you were in the Communist Party, the Communist Party from time to time established committees like the — there was a committee on Catholics for Human Rights, which consisted of communists who had been Catholics, whose purpose it was to work with mass organizations which had a large number of Catholics.

It would be incorrect to think of Soviet communist infiltration into the world of Catholicism as some cloak-and-dagger effort with thousands of secret agents wandering the halls of seminaries with decoder rings and midnight liaisons, for example. The much larger, by far and away, effort was made by simply targeting certain individuals as well as leaders of various groups who could be persuaded that at least in many areas, Catholics and communists have common goals they could work on together (for the betterment of mankind, you know).

The strategy to enlist sympathizers paid off handsomely.

In short, they tricked them, finding a “soft spot” or “blind spot” they could capitalize on down the road. And they did. They hunted out what we could term “sympathizers.” Dodd and other former communists all came forward in those early years of the 1950s and testified the same thing — that it was not really secret communists planted all over religious and other institutions, but associations made where the commies could convince their targets they could, and should, work together.

The strategy to enlist sympathizers paid off handsomely. Why take the chance of having spies uncovered in colleges and media and churches when “locals” could do your dirty work for you? As we see looking around now, in the Church specifically, it worked like a charm. There may be here or there, in key roles in the Church, truly committed communists, but that’s nowhere near as effective as having hundreds if not thousands of brainwashed useful idiots spouting your “social justice” vocabulary for you.

The communists’ agenda has a small (or maybe not so small) army of water boys who have been “persuaded” to think of the gospel in terms of saving the poor, the immigrant and the environment. And these water boys then construct an entire storyline about this, which floods into parishes, campus ministries, chanceries, seminaries and so forth, until it just all becomes accepted as fact. Again, yes, there may be, in fact, actual “card-carrying” commies in the episcopate, the priesthood and various lay groups, but that doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is the message being spread — and frankly, you can get a lot more subversive activity accomplished without your own agents doing it. What needs looking at is the actual messaging and if it comports with a communist worldview. When it comes to man being the cause of climate change, it comports perfectly. There is zero scientific evidence to support that claim. Its real goal is to knock America down by so weakening the fossil fuel industry, that we lose our economic advantage over the rest of the world.

To help expose these errors, Church Militant is once again happy to organize our Deposit of Faith Coalition members in sponsoring another press conference for politically conservative media so they can understand the connection here.

Presenting to the media on Tuesday, Nov. 14, which will be at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore during the bishops’ annual meeting, will be a number of the most highly respected experts ever assembled, including:

John Clauser, 2022 Nobel Prize winner in physics, who will debunk the phony science behind all this
Marc Morano, producer, writer and former investigative reporter for Rush Limbaugh, who’ll blow the lid off the plot to collapse America’s energy, transportation and food supply
Alex Newman, award-winning international journalist who has covered this topic and the misinformation from the Left about it for years (think Greta Thunberg and the media canonization of her), and
Yours truly, a multiple-Emmy-award-winning investigative journalist — I’ll be presenting on the hierarchy’s complicity in all this.

The press conference will be available for everyone at home to watch live, beginning at 1 p.m. ET on Nov. 14. Please tell everyone you know. Spread the word.

What does matter is the message being spread.

Church Militant is leading the charge, hands down, with our Deposit of Faith Coalition, in trying to roll back at least the funding the bishops get in all of this unethical activity, be it immigration or, in this case, environmental alarmism based on phony science.

As you know, we were in D.C. last week, on the Hill, interviewing congressmen who have had it with the “America last” agenda supported by liberal U.S. bishops, and now, once again, we are taking the fight right to the bishops’ doorstep.

As the bishops meet in the Marriott, directly across the street, at the exact same time, we will be broadcasting with a Nobel Prize winner and respected journalist-experts in all this.

So we’d like to appeal to you to help pay for all of this. It’s extremely costly to travel the crew, the equipment, set it all up, rent the facilities, bring in the speakers as well as the three weeks of background research and man hours we have already put into this — and the hard work hasn’t even begun yet.

The last press conference we sponsored in July in D.C. garnered more than 25 million media impressions as outlet after outlet kept publishing info from the press event — even Steve Bannon and InfoWars picked it all up, like Stew Peters picked up our work last week on Capitol Hill.

Staffers in Congress told us that was extremely helpful for them in pitching their legislation to simply cut off funding for the bishops and Religious Left groups. Well, here we go again. Cut off all funding for them — all of it. Every last dime. Whatever policy of the communists they are pushing, immigration or climate.

So please click on the donate button just below us here and be the heroes, the impetus in launching another broadside against this corruption. Fight back!

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