Big Tech Partners With Joe Biden to Censor Opposition — By: Church Militant


It’s been dubbed the “censorship industrial complex” — referring to the cooperation between Biden’s government Giant Tech like Google and social media giants like Facebook to shut down any opposition to their worldview.

How does it work? It started off with the effort to protect against foreign enemies, both terrorists as well as their interference in American domestic policies and campaigns. Federal agencies such as the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, formed specifically to fight against those threats, are more and more being directed not toward foreign enemies but toward private Americans. And it’s gone into high gear under the Biden administration, with relentless assaults against freedom, so much so that in an effort to sidestep the Constitution’s First Amendment protections against government trampling those rights, Biden and his cronies simply went to Giant Tech and Big Social Media and asked them to do their dirty work for them.

Giant Tech and Big Social Media happily complied. 

So somewhat subtle (but not that subtle) methods of censorship and outright canceling are now employed through throttling, visibility filtering, the release of algorithms that manipulate search engine results, labeling and flagging. Giant Tech and Big Social Media (with Biden helping direct them — unofficially, of course) have set up a facade of “fact-checkers” and “experts in disinformation” who virtually all come from mainstream media outlets. You know, the fake news guys.

It turns out, they are the ‘disinformation’ gang.

These are the same “experts” who insisted just before the past election that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation,” advising Giant Tech and Big Social Media, whom they work for, not to allow the story to be found and to block it, meaning not let the American people know about it.

It turns out, they are the “disinformation” gang, because the story is true. Of course, they knew it was true back then. They didn’t want it influencing the vote, so they lied and manipulated the technology to keep you from knowing it.

In the recently signed and published Westminster Declaration we talked about in yesterday’s Vortex, the liberal and conservative luminaries told Joe Biden,

In the course of human history, attacks on free speech have always been a precursor to attacks on all other liberties, and regimes that seek to destroy free speech have always also sought to destroy democracy. In this respect, the elites that push for censorship today are no different. What has changed, though, is the broad scale and technological tools through which censorship can be enacted.

And it is precisely the technology, the big search engines and the large social media platforms where free speech is being throttled, stifled and suffocated. It is, of course, concerning that much of what we are told by the censorship industrial complex is not true — Hunter’s laptop is Russian “disinformation,” for example — but even more concerning is what we are not told, what we are prevented from learning about.

The topics are the major concerns of society today, and the “fact-checkers” want you in the dark. To the degree Church Militant has to, and we do, play in this sandbox, we also cannot be content with that.

So we are happy to announce we are rolling out our newly redesigned Church Militant app, which you need to download to your phone, Android or iPhone, right now to start getting notifications from us where we draw your attention to breaking news or various stories we think you should know about in real time.

A host of policy and agenda items the Left constantly labels as “disinformation” are actually extremely Catholic positions, and we report on these each day here. They involve the advancement of fundamental principles of God-given human dignity, and you need to know about all of this.

Ultimately, the role of any news media outlet is to bring you the truth of what’s going on so you can be the instrument of change. But it’s hard to get info to you when those who control various sites are censoring the info and canceling the outfits.

Even more concerning is what we are not told.

The Church Militant app provides an end run around that cancelation and puts the truth straight into your hands via your phone. It’s power, literally in your hands, because truth is power, the most powerful power there is. So please go to your app store on your phone and search for Church Militant and install our brand new shiny app so you can be up to date on everything as it happens.

You can do the same with Android phones using the Google Play store. Just search for Church Militant there and hit “install.” It’s easy peasy. It takes just a jiffy.

This is one of our Church Militant contributions to fighting back against the censorship industrial complex — pushing back, going on the offensive.

Everyday, as I’ve said earlier, multiple times a day, my own phone goes off with alerts from multiple media outlets with this story or that. I have their apps on my phone. I have it set for the bad guys as well as the good, because in our day to day here, we need to know what the bad guys are saying so we can combat it.

So please go to your phone’s app store right now, as soon as this Vortex is over, search for Church Militant and download the app. Then we are in direct contact with you, skipping right over the censorship industrial complex and can put vital info, the truth, straight into your hands.

Please go download the app right now and let’s get this rolling.

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